What makes a perfect car sale advert

Looking to sell your car?

Before you do, have a look at Budget Insurance’s guide to what makes a good car advert.

These five simple steps will increase your chances of having a stress free successful sale.

Know your car’s specification

When purchasing a car, the buyer will usually want to know every detail especially if they’re about to part with thousands of pounds so it’s important to know the facts about the car your selling. Make a note of all the details, and refer to your log book which will have all the information you need. Include the vehicle make and model, specification such as ‘sport edition’, engine litre, brake horse power (BHP) and any other details you think that the potential buyer will want to know.

Be honest about the current condition

It doesn’t matter if your car is 5, 10 or 30 years old, it’s very important to be as accurate as you can when describing the condition of your car. The last thing you want is someone turning up to see your car and it’s not what they expect, it wastes both your time and theirs. Being as honest as you can from the start will build trust between you and the potential buyer.

State previous owners and mileage of the car

The cars history can have an effect on its performance and this is something a potential buyer will consider when looking at your car. Make sure you find out how many previous owners the car has had and again it’s best to state this on your original advert, as it saves further questions when people look at your car. Also share up front the cars mileage, this is usually shown on your dashboard display. If not you may be able to find it in the service history documents.

Provide as much service history and documentation as possible

Your service history and documentation is your proof of any servicing and MOT’S that have taken place. It’s important to have this to hand because it allows you to add it onto the advert. This should hopefully give the buyer confidence that you have everything to hand and are organised, which could influence the buyer’s decision.

Take good pictures – remember you’re trying to sell it

It’s all very well having all the right information about the specification and history, but that won’t sell it by itself. People want to see pictures of the car, so they can see for themselves the shape, colour and condition. Ensure you get some good images, consider the angle of the photo, try and get all of the car in and from different sides. Also bear in mind the small details like lighting and distance. Try and get a bright picture but be close enough to capture the details. Remember to get your car valeted before taking the pictures just to make it look more appealing inside and out. 


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