Can I drive someone else’s car with my insurance policy?

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Perhaps a pal has asked you to borrow their vehicle or you’re looking at sharing the driving for a road trip holiday, whatever the plan you’ll need to ensure you have the right cover in place.

Before you drive someone else’s vehicle it’s important you check if this is included in your insurance policy. Insurance providers don’t typically include driving other cars (DOC cover) as standard in a comprehensive policy. Even if it was included, this would only cover you with the legal minimum insurance level, third-party which covers damage to other people, vehicles and property. This means you would be liable for repairs of the person’s vehicle you borrowed in the event of an accident.

If you incorrectly assume you have the right level of cover you’d be driving without insurance which is illegal. The consequences of getting caught can be significant, you’d be charged with an IN10 offence, with a penalty of 6 – 8 points, up to 12 months driving disqualification and a £5,000 fine and the person who let you borrow the car could also face a conviction and 6 – 8 points.

Driving someone else’s car – the options

Driving Other Cars (DOC)

If DOC is something included in your car insurance policy then you’ll have third party cover to drive other people’s vehicles.

You will not be eligible for DOC if your age is under 25. Some occupations are excluded too, ones which are typically deemed a higher risk by insurance providers. This usually includes roles connected to the motor trade, or if you regularly drive other vehicles as part of your job.

Adding a named driver

Get added to the vehicle owner’s standard car insurance policy. This is a longer process than short term insurance and could potentially increase your pal’s policy premium but would be an appropriate option if you were going to use the vehicle on a long-term basis.

Short term car insurance

One other option is a short-term insurance policy. As well as being a quick and easy process, another great advantage of temporary car insurance is its flexibility. For example, our own brand Jaunt offers comprehensive policies from just 1 hour up to 30 days.

If you’re between 18-75, you can get a quote in minutes and be on the road in 15. What’s more. Jaunt cover won’t affect your No Claims Discount if you hold another insurance policy.

For more hints and tips on all things motor, visit the driving section of our blog.

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