Making a life insurance claim

Get help fast with our 24/7 UK claims helplines

How do I claim on my life insurance?

We know that claiming can be difficult and have tried to keep things as simple as possible.

If you need to make a claim on either a life insurance policy, a Critical Illness Cover or Child Critical Illness Cover, please call our UK based contact centre on the below number. We will then send out a claim form for you to complete to make sure that the claim can be processed as smoothly as possible for you. 

Claims Helpline

0330 0188692

Useful information to have when calling us

Policy reference number
Policy number

If you don't know it, a name and date of birth will be enough

Permission to claim
Permission to claim

If you're claiming for a Critical Illness on behalf of a family member

Peace of mind whilst you claim

We’re backed by the Scottish Friendly Assurance Society who paid 99.4% of all life insurance claims in 2018. We’ll do our best to help you through your claim.

Scottish Friendly

Our companions service

Ensuring that you have the advice and guidance of professional nurses during a Critical Illness claim, at no extra cost to you.  

Frequently asked questions

This is dependent on what decisions you have made during your application. With a Budget life insurance policy you can place your policy into a Trust, which means that you can decide and name who has the responsibility of distributing your pay-out.

We understand that being diagnosed with a critical illness can be difficult, so we’ve tried to keep claiming simple.

If you need to make a claim for Critical Illness or Child Critical Illness, please make sure that you’ve read through the Terms and Conditions document and that the illness you’re claiming for is covered by your life insurance policy with Critical Illness Cover.

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