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Why Beagle Street?

Beagle Street's aim is to make Life Insurance accessible for everyone. This means providing a simple, online Life Insurance with clear information which helps you decide what cover is right for you, there are no medicals and you can get a quote in only 10 minutes.

Beagle Street provides a Single Policy and a Joint Policy;

Single Life Policy

A Single Life Policy is for just for one person, they would be covered for the life time of their policy and if they were to pass away, their loved ones would receive a lump sum pay out.

Joint Life Policy

A Joint Life Policy is for two people but it will only pay out once, on the first person who passes away and the claim is made within the policy term. Once the claim has been made the policy will come to an end.

Why trust Beagle Street?

Beagle Street are dedicated Specialists in Life Insurance and we are backed by one of the most trusted UK insurers, Scottish Friendly, and BGL Group Limited who arrange insurance for over 7 million UK customers.



What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is to support your family with a pay-out if you passed away during your policy life time.

There are two different types of Life Insurance, Mortgage Term and Level Term. Take a look at our video to help you understand which would suit you best.



Why Life Insurance?

There are many reasons to get Life Insurance; you may be getting married, you might have taken out a mortgage, or even had children. Taking out Life Insurance is something you do for your family; it gives them reassurance for what the future can hold.



Beagle Street is a trading name of BGL Direct Life Limited, an appointed representative of BISL Limited. BGL Direct Life Limited and BISL Limited are both part of the BGL Group of Companies and both have their registered office at Pegasus House, Bakewell Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, PE2 6YS.

Beagle Street is backed by Scottish Friendly Assurance Society who, in 2015, paid 99.9% of all Life Insurance claims.

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