Driving home for Christmas safety tips

Driving home for Christmas can often be stressful task.  The roads are twice as busy and everyone seems to be in a hurry. Here are our top tips for driving home safely this Christmas.

Stress Less

Stress can dramatically affect a person’s cognitive functions & can be a dangerous state of mind to be in whilst behind the wheel of a car. I know that it is easier said than done, but try to stress less when driving home this Christmas. You can take certain measures to achieve this such as listening to your favourite ‘happy’ music and traveling out of peak times.

Travel early or late in the day

December 20th-24th are typically the busiest days for travel around the Christmas season.  If you have to travel on one of these days then it is always best to either set off early in the morning, weather permitting, or leave it until the early evening.  This way you should hopefully miss the peak time traffic. Fingers crossed!

Always have a plan B

All UK roads, especially A roads and Motorways, can become inundated with traffic and, in unfortunate cases, accidents around the Christmas period. Therefore, it is always advisable to check in with a map or app before you leave home to see if there are alternative routes should this occur. It’s also advisable to tune local ‘traffic news updates’ through your radio. In most cases, the traffic news will update you on any known accidents and allow you time to reconsider your chosen route.

Take the weather into account

It’s always advisable to check the road conditions and weather warnings before you embark on your journey home for Christmas. Where it might be mild in London, the opposite might be said if you are travelling up to Scotland.  Be sure that you have the right ‘essentials’ in your car should you be faced with bad or unexpected weather conditions. This may typically include a phone charger adapter, blankets, waterproof shoes, warm clothing, snacks and fresh drinking water for you and your passengers as well as antifreeze, water and a winter motoring kit for your car. Just in case

Merry Christmas!


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