Home insurance: your guide to accidental damage cover

To the exasperation of homeowners, accidents are unavoidable and happen to some more often than others. It could depend on factors including how big your family is or how often you have guests round.

Accidental damage can help cover the occasional mishap and is often included either as standard or as an optional extra with your home insurance policy.

What is accidental damage cover?

Accidental damage provides protection against sudden and unexpected damage that’s not deliberate. For example, it may cover the following scenarios:

  • The scribbling’s on a wall of an artistic child
  • Knocking over a glass of red wine and staining the carpet
  • Smashing a window when playing football in the garden

Accidental damage provides cover for both contents and buildings. The accident needs to be a sudden or non-deliberate incident which harms the property or its contents.

Always check the terms and conditions to see exactly what accidental damage covers as this differs from policy to policy.

What isn’t included in accidental damage cover?

This can vary depending on the insurance provider, but the below are typically excluded from accidental damage cover:

  • Deliberate acts of damage
  • Gradual wear and tear
  • Mechanical or technological failures
  • DIY damage
  • Damage from pets

Why may you need accidental damage cover?

While the vast majority of us do take care of the possessions in our home, accidents do happen and they may be due to factors out of our control.

Whether you’re having a party and a guest spills their wine or knocks a television, accidental damage could keep you covered. It’s down to you to decide whether the policy is necessary as it’s by no means essential.

For instance, the cover may be a good idea if you have young children or frequently host guests. Friends and children alike can unintentionally cause havoc to your home and possessions. Kids are certainly more accident prone as they explore the new world around them.

For more useful hints and tips on all things home, visit the house segment of our blog.

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