Top 5 holiday apps

Summer is now officially here and if you haven’t already got something booked, I am sure you are planning where to go for your summer holidays! All you need is sun, sea, sand and a decent app! Yes, you did read that correctly. There are so many apps on the market at the moment to make your life easier whether you are staying in the UK or going abroad. Our digital divas have trawled through the app store and found five apps that we think you should know about.


This is a pretty cool app and is free, which is a bonus! This app is available in about 30 cities around the world and offers you real-time route planning, allowing you to get from A to B safely. It helps you manage your trip and in particular with journey planning, being linked to Uber is really handy and if you don’t fancy the metro, subway or walking it will tell you cycle routes to get to your destination.


Now this a seriously cool app and whether you are going away for a weekend, week or travelling for a year it’s super handy. You start by telling the app when and where you are going and the activities you are going to do whilst on holiday, like swimming or walking. From this information the app will then give you a list of items (gender specific) on what you need to pack! You can email this list and share with family or friends who are going on the trip, so everyone’s wardrobes are aligned. This app takes the stress and thinking out of packing, hallelujah!  


Don’t you just hate it when you’re out for dinner with a group of people and it comes to splitting the bill #awkward! Never again will you have to have the ‘who owes what’ conversation with this brilliant app Splittr. Not only does this app split the bill for meals but also includes activities. You can also mix currencies and use it offline! This app really is a lifesaver and a must for a group of people travelling.

App in the air

If you hate being in a rush and always worry about missing your flight, this app is going to save you a lot of stress. Again, this works offline which is a dream and essentially plans your timings from leaving home, getting to the airport, checking in, to going through security, eating at the airport and getting on your plane. So there really is no excuse to be rushing! This app will also send you text reminders about your departure time, gate closures and with real-time updates working offline and not using any roaming, if there are any changes you will be the first to know.

Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet are renowned for producing some amazing travel guides and now with this app there is no need to carry a book around. The best thing about this app is how in-depth they go into every city, unlocking gems you probably never knew existed. Again there is an offline ‘near me’ map functionality that will guide you to different attractions, sites or suggest activities. This app really allows you to experience the very best of the destination you are visiting.

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