Savvy tips to help you reinvent your living space on a budget!

Do you want to redecorate or reinvent your home but don’t have much money to put into the project? Well don’t fear. There are always ways to do this and here are our top tips on how to revamp your living space without breaking the bank.

Look at what you already own

Most of us think that to reinvent and revive a space, we need to buy new, this isn’t always the case. Before you go out and spend money on new furniture and home accessories, have a look around at what you already have in your home. In this new age of austerity, nothing is beyond revival, so why not get a swatch of fabric and upholstery glue and revive that old chair in the corner. It may take some time and patience but you can learn how to do almost anything nowadays with the help of YouTube, Pinterest and of course Google.

Rethink your layout

Sometimes all you need for a revived, fresh look is to mix things up and change things around. Look at what you have in each room and think about your current layout. You will be surprised at how changing some furniture around can revive the look and feel of a room. And you don’t have to spend any money this way!

Give it a lick of paint

The easiest way to revive a space on a budget is to add a lick of paint. Whether you’re painting a piece of furniture or an entire room, a different colour will give a different feel to the room. Alternatively, consider decorating a feature wall only. That way you will spend minimal money on paint but still benefit from the difference made to your living space.

Add new accessories

Adding new accessories can really invigorate a space and make it feel new. Why not change the colour scheme by adding a new array of coloured cushions to your living room couch, or add a striking bold rug to your bedroom floor. It can even be something as simple as adding a new mirror or some glass vases to your window display in the kitchen.

See, there really are so many ways to reinvent your living space on a budget!

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