Love it or hate it? – how do you feel?

There has recently been an uproar about the potential loss of Marmite from Britain’s supermarket shelves due to disagreements over prices and although this has been resolved it did cause severe panic. Thank goodness it’s sorted! Now the panic is over, Budget Insurance have been thinking of things we either love or hate. Have a read of the below and see which ones you adore and which you don’t.

Peanut butter

From one love/hate food to another, Peanut Butter is a sensitive subject for most, whether you adore the taste or despise the look and smell of the stuff. Peanut butter is so versatile!  You can spread it on toast, put it in your sandwiches, add it to your smoothie, to name a few of the  weird and wonderful ways it might be used. One things for sure, it has a very unique and acquired taste. Does Peanut Butter make itself into your trolley or does it stay on the shelf?

The X-Factor

The X-Factor has had its fair share of entertaining auditions over the years, but is it becoming all too repetitive? Viewers spend weeks watching contestants humiliating themselves in auditions only to be described as a comedy act. However, the ever changing judging panel always seems to pull it out of the bag, producing artists that often  go on to have at least 1 hit. #lastSeenAtChristmas. What’s your thoughts on the show, do you love it or hate it?


From Mozart to Katherine Jenkins, opera can be an acquired taste! Often seen as an old fashion type of music associated with the upper classes, opera can still be popular amongst many music lovers. Some find listening to the extreme high and low pitches relaxing where as others may disagree. Is this something that you would listen to while revising or running or does it simply make your ears bleed?

The Gym

Most of us have are thinking about our summer holidays  which means it’s time to get the gym clothes back out, or is it? The perception of fitness and exercise is very split across the nation, with some people pouncing at any opportunity to use a treadmill whereas others couldn’t think of anything worse. Are we too obsessed with the way we look? Or as a nation are we not as concerned as we should be? Is that idea of a spin class your worst nightmare or are you buzzing to get down to the gym?


Sticking with the holiday chat, the idea of a perfect holiday ranges from person to person with a large percentage choosing the more outdoors option of…. camping. Although it can often be the cheaper option than jetting off abroad, is it something that people actually enjoy? The thought of eating your English breakfast off a stool in the middle of a potentially wet, muddy field instead of a restaurant can be a difficult decision! Would you rather channel your inner Bear Grylls, or just back on a sun lounger and relax? So these are the things that have divided opinions in our office! What do you love or hate? Let us know on Facebook here.

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