Football’s coming home?

Well probably not, but we can always dream! The football is now underway and for the next month it’s most probably going to be the topic of nearly every conversation nationwide. Whether you love or hate football we’ve compiled some interesting facts so you too can get involved in the banter.


Bonjour! Let’s start from the beginning, the tournament in being held in France. Cast your minds back to 10th May 1923 when England had their first win against France (even if it was a friendly) since then England have played France 30 times. When we think France we think Croissants, The Eiffel Tower, Coco Chanel and most importantly the five months David Beckham lived in Paris (swoooon).


I say Gibraltar you say….Windy? Monkeys? Rock of Gibraltar? All are valid responses, but not quite what I was looking for. Gibraltar is the only team that has never entered the qualification stage of a Euro tournament before and they are also the smallest country in terms of population, which is approximately 30,000. Watch this space! Football is the beautiful game after all and everyone loves an underdog.

Number crunching

Essentially the numbers you need to know are: For the first time there are 24 teams taking part in the tournament, in total there are 50 matches being played over 30 days in 10 different cities and most probably, definitely, maybe…..England are not going to win. Go forth and banter!


Sexy Chick, When Love Takes Over, Club Can’t Handle Me…all have one thing in common! David Guetta! He is also the producer and writer of the official song for the tournament. If he is your cup of tea there is a party on the evening before the tournament in Paris, you’re only approx. 2 hours 30 away on the Eurostar, YOLO! If he’s not your cup of tea the hosting cities are jam-packed with events throughout the tournament, from Zumba-thons, to big screens showing the games and street entertainers.

Basically, that is everything you need to know! Love or hate football, the next 30 days are either going to be heaven or hell! The only thing we can do it sit back and cross our fingers, toes and anything else we can think of!

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