Personal Accident Cover

Sometimes worst-case scenarios happen and although we can’t turn back the clock if you’ve had a car accident, we can help you out financially with our Personal Accident Cover. If you are injured in a car accident as a passenger or driver, then Personal Accident Cover can pay out a cash benefit to help support you and your family. The cash benefit will vary depending on the severity of the injury, with pay-outs for injuries ranging from fractures through to fatal injuries. Our cover also helps if you have to spend time in hospital over an extended period of time or as an outpatient.

Personal Accident Cover is separate to potentially lengthy legal proceedings that may occur if you are trying to claim damages from another party involved in the accident. This means that any cash benefits that are paid out only depend on you and your insurance, not the decision of a legal case

Personal Accident Cover features and benefits include?

  • £30,000 financial support for the main driver and their family to help adapt following a life changing injury

  • Up to £2,000 cover for burns and £1,000 cover for fractures

  • If a car accident means you have to stay in hospital Personal Accident Cover gives you £50 per 24 hours, up to £4,000 per claim. This also extends to outpatient care with £50 per day, up to £300

  • Up to £750 cover for whiplash when diagnosed by a medical professional

Remember that:

  • Cover is provided for the main, named driver only. Cover is not available for injuries to passengers
  • Cover will not be provided for self-inflicted injuries, or injuries as a result of excess alcohol or drug use
  • To be eligible for Personal Accident Cover you need to be a permanent UK resident and aged between 18 and 69 when you take out a policy
  • Claims can only be made for injuries occurring within 52 weeks of a car accident in which you were the passenger in, legal driving, or carrying out emergency roadside repairs to a vehicle you are also insured on

Full terms, limitations and benefits can be found in the Personal Accident Cover policy documents.