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Van policy- What are my obligations?

When you take out a van insurance policy with Budget Insurance, as part of our general policy conditions you will be required to conform to our five main obligations.

The obligations form part of your insurance contract and the insurer will only provide you with the cover detailed in the policy document providing that you and the other drivers comply with the conditions.

Please see below a brief overview of the five obligations. You can find out more about them in your policy documents.

Obligation 1 – taking care of your van

  • Your van should be kept in a roadworthy condition
  • Your van should have a current MOT certificate, if applicable
  • You should take all reasonable care to make sure you protect your van against loss or damage

Obligation 2 – your duty to disclose information

  • You should make sure that you have answered all our questions truthfully
  • You must tell us about any changes to your personal details as soon as you can

Obligation 3 – accidents and claims

  • You should tell us if you or any insured driver is aware of any accident or loss relating to your van
  • You should tell us if you or any insured driver receives a notification of a prosecution, an inquest or a fatal accident enquiry

Obligation 4 – fraud

  • You must not make any false or exaggerated claims

Obligation 5 – other insurances

  • If you make a claim and there is any other insurance covering the same liability, the cost must be shared by all the insurers involved

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