Experienced Driver Discount

What is Experienced Driver Discount?

Experienced Driver Discount, sometimes also referred to as ‘Named Driver Discount’, is a discount that can be added to a Car or Van Insurance policy which aims to lower the premium for those who have been a named driver on another vehicle without that policy having a claim that occurred whilst you were driving.

With Budget Insurance’s Experienced Driver Discount you can be rewarded for safe driving, even if you haven’t been the main policy holder on another vehicle.

Who can benefit from Experienced Driver Discount?

Our exclusive Experienced Driver Discount will benefit customers who either want to insure a second car but are already using their no claims discount elsewhere, or customers who have previously been a named driver for a number of years and now wish to purchase a policy in their own name.

How do I know if Experienced Driver Discount applies to me?

To benefit from Experienced Driver Discount you must:

  • Be the policy holder of another active UK car or van insurance policy or;
  • Be a named driver on another active UK car or van insurance policy and be the husband, wife or civil partner of the policy holder or;
  • Live at the same address as the policy holder and;
  • Have driven the car or van claim free for as little as 1 year

What do I need to provide as proof in order to get Experienced Driver Discount?

In line with our terms and conditions, you may be asked to provide proof of your claim free driving experience within 7 days of the start date of your policy.

You will often find this information on the policy’s Statement or Schedule of Insurance. If you don't have either of these we can also accept any other document from the current insurer providing it meets the following criteria:

  • It must be for an active policy on a different vehicle to the one being insured with us
  • It must show the No Claims Discount in years or percentage
  • It must clearly state your name as the policy holder, or as the named driver on your husband/ wife/civil partner’s policy
  • It must be from a car or van - we cannot accept No Claims Discount from motorcycle policies

If you aren’t able to provide proof, the cost of your policy is likely to increase, and in some cases, may be cancelled.

Please note: You may see ‘Experienced Driver Discount’ referred to as ‘Named Driver Discount’, ‘Other Vehicle NCD’ or ‘2nd Vehicle NCD’ within your policy and supporting documentation.