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Van Insurance: No Claims Discount on 2nd vehicle

Great news! Budget Insurance has joined the new band of van insurance providers offering Mirrored NCD.

Here at Budget Insurance we offer our customers the chance to be rewarded for experience. That’s why we offer a Mirrored No Claims Discount Benefit, of up to 65% to our customers.

If you have earned No Claims Discount on another vehicle that is not the vehicle you are insuring either as a named driver or the main policy holder, you may be able to apply your No Claims Discount to another vehicle after all with Budget Insurance!

 Did you know?

Many insurers only allow you to apply your No Claims Discount to one vehicle and only the policy holder can benefit from this. That’s where budget is different. We have joined a revolutionary new band of insurers who reward customers for experienced driving.

Please be advised that you may be asked to provide proof of your No Claims Discount within 7 days of the start date of your policy. 

This information can often be found on the policy’s Statement or Schedule of Insurance. We may also accept another document from your current insurer providing it meets the following criteria:

  • It must be for an active policy on a different vehicle to the one being insured with us
  • It must show the No Claims Discount in years or percentage
  • It must clearly state your name as the  policy holder or as a named driver with husband/ wife or civil partner of the policy holder status
  • It must be from a car or van - we cannot accept No Claims Discount from motorcycle policies

If you aren’t able to provide proof, the cost of your policy will increase, and in some cases, may be cancelled.

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