Top tips to getting your garden summer ready

Blimey! Is that the sun? Summer must be just around the corner, which means it’s nearly time for BBQs, family get togethers and chilling in the summer heat! But there’s one thing that you probably need to do first… get the garden summer ready!

Here at Budget Insurance, we love our gardens and have come up with some top tips to getting your garden prepared.

Clear any mess

Thanks to the recent storms, you’re probably left with a bit of a mess in and around your garden. The delights of winter can often leave you with an array of debris, from bits of fence panels to leaves and tree branches appearing in your garden. Give yourself a few hours to tidy the garden before making a start on the other jobs.

First cut of the year

Ah… the smell of freshly cut grass, there’s nothing better! Unless you have hay fever of course. The first cut of the year is always an important one as you’ve probably not touched your lawn for the last six months. If you have different blade settings on your lawnmower, keep it on the highest for the first cut and gradually move it down to ensure you don’t cause any damage. Using a strimmer as well as a lawnmower is a great way of tidying the edges and getting your lawn looking fine again.


Weeding can be one of the most tedious jobs around, but the results are satisfying. Get yourself some good weeding tools and clear the unwanted pests away. This will make your garden space look tidy and can prevent more roots from growing and rearing their ugly heads.

Plant planning

Your flower beds may be looking a bit sorry for themselves, especially with the lack of the sun the UK has had over the winter months. Take the time to research different plans and plan the ones you want to grow in your garden. Whether its sunflowers, roses or chrysanthemums, having a good idea of what room you have is always a good planning technique. Don’t forget to order your seeds and shop around for the best priced plants!

Utilise your light

As we all know it doesn’t take long for trees and hedges to become overgrown and this can often block some your sunlight. Have a look at where you can reduce some of the growth to allow more sunlight into your garden, not only will this help your tan but will also give your plants more nutrients.

Spray your patio/decking

Restore your surfaces to its original clean self by using a pressure washer to clean off the dirt. You’ll see an instant improvement and will add that extra touch to your fresh looking garden!

Sun’s out, sun loungers out!

Have your tables and chairs taken a battering from Doris and co this winter? You may need to look at investing in some new furniture for your summer events. Lighten your space by treating yourself to some new tables, chairs or even a sun lounger. If you’re looking for a cheaper way and enjoy a bit of DIY, try restoring your old furniture by giving it a clean and adding some fresh paint. 

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