Life Hacks

Life can be stressful, juggling multiple things at any one time. So, let us make things a little easier for you! We’ve wracked our brains and come up with our top 10 life hacks that everyone should know!

1)      Cooking with wine? Why not freeze red and white wine in ice cube trays so when you need a drop of wine to cook with, you’ve got a small amount ready to go! Or, if you’d rather not as it’s an excuse to open a bottle of wine, then don’t!

2)      Put a marshmallow at the bottom of your ice cream cone, it’s a game changer! That way when your little people (or messy bigger people) get to the bottom of the cone, it doesn’t drip everywhere and, there’s a little treat at the bottom.

3)      Hate cleaning the dustbin when you empty it, despise the smell that lingers at the bottom? Problem solved! Put a sheet of newspaper at the bottom so that it soaks up all the gross juices.

4)      Nipping out but your phone battery is on 5%? If you put your phone on aeroplane mode, it charges super quickly!

5)      Always wondered what that funny smell in the car is? Little people? Dogs? Adults?! It could be a number of things. Try putting a couple of tumble dryer sheets under the front seats, instant freshness!

6)      Ever painted a room and ended up with more paint either on yourself or the floor, rather on the walls? Place a rubber band over the paint tin so you can wipe of any excess paint before applying it to the walls.

7)      Frustrated that your clothes never seem to stay fresh for long? Try spraying your clothes with your favourite perfume before you iron them, this way you will seal in the smell and it will last longer.

8)      Always keep some frozen grapes in your freezer, why you say? Because, there’s nothing worse than having a real fancy for a glass of wine, but it’s warm! This way you can chill your wine without diluting it and it looks fancy too!

9)      Getting ready to plant seeds in your garden? Soak them in water for 12 hours before sewing them, this will encourage them to grow when you put them in the ground.

Set reminders! Get used to putting reminders in your phone for everything! Whether it’s when your insurance is due for renewal, something you need from the supermarket or your friends and families birthday. You will never be late or miss anything again!

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