How you can eat to beat the winter blues

It’s that time of the year that whether you are at home or at work, everyone seems to be poorly! It’s cold outside and all you want to do is hide under the duvet and binge on box sets! Here at Budget Insurance we have been eating all sorts of foods to beat the winter blues and wanted to share our findings with you! Read our top tips on the foods that could help you feel great this winter. 


Cauliflower is not a personal favourite of the team here, mainly due to the awful smell it tends to give off when being cooked. Pheeeew-ee! It really wasn’t me!! However, these days it seems to be coming back into favour as a superfood! Previously often overlooked in the world of vegetables, cauliflower is now used as an alternative to rice, people are making pizza bases out of it and all sorts of other weird and wonderful things! They say that cauliflower is a great antioxidant, so why not experiment with it this winter and see what concoctions you can come up with!


Let’s talk about garlic and not just garlic bread! Garlic is known to reduce the amount of common colds people tend to get, but people don’t want the garlic breathe that often comes hand in hand with eating lots of the stuff! Fear not! There are plenty of garlic supplements that you can now take that won’t leave you with the stinky aftermath. Or, just make sure that you have garlic in your weekly food shop and add a little bit to your meals daily. This way, you are not overloading yourself and hopefully making your food even tastier!

Sweet Potato

Cast your mind back 10 years, sweet potatoes were very far and few between, now we can’t get enough of them! Sweet potato fries are really popular, as well as sweet potato courgettie! Too far? Sorry, anyway let’s get back to the basics about why these are so good for us. They are rich is something called beta-carotene, which turns into vitamin A. Vitamin A it great for boosting your immune system and hopefully keeping those pesky colds at bay. No convinced by a sweet potato? Honestly, give it a go! Take baby steps and start with sweet potato mash, you can build yourself up to the fancy dishes!


It’s safe to say that 11 and 3 o’clock are probably when most people are snacking. Either having a biscuit with your cup of tea, slice of cake or chocolate, don’t fib! We all do it! Together we can stop this! Why don’t you keep a handful (and we mean handful) of almonds handy? Not only are they delicious, they are also good for you. Whilst nuts do still contain fats, they are good fats, obviously still in moderation. Almonds are thought to carry properties that help to fight infection, worth a go we think!


It might be obvious, but it really is essential to drink as much of the stuff as you can. We all know how important water is, but we are all guilty of not drinking as much as we probably should. A top tip is to always make sure you have a bottle of fresh water with you, that way you have no excuse for forgetting! Especially when you are feeling a little under the weather, drinking enough water will help flush out any toxins in your body and it also makes you skin look great!

Let us know how you are getting on and if you have any more top tips on our Facebook or Twitter page!

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