How can I keep healthy during Winter months?

Sadly summer has well and truly gone, but let’s look on the bright side, Christmas is nearly here!! Well, kind of! It’s around this time of year that we start to feel tired, crave pies, toad in the hole and anything else warm and calorific! We’ve sat down with our resident health guru Daniel and asked him how can we keep healthy in winter?

Eat well

Eating well during the winter is arguably the most efficient way of maintaining our health. Ensuring we have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals can give our immune system a well needed boost and ensure our body has enriched blood flow to maintain normal function during those cold, damp periods. Examples of essential vitamins during the winter are vitamins A and C which help boost your immune system and vitamin D which we lack due to the limited sunlight. Check out the NHS website for more information.

Remain active

No, gyms don’t close during the Winter! Ensuring you remain active can help to maintain and improve fitness levels, reduce the chances of binge eating and avoid unnecessary weight gain. The NHS recommend 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week so you may have to brave the conditions! It’s also important to get out the house and soak up what little vitamin D the sun has to offer.

Fight infections with exercise

 Regular physical activity and exercise is a powerful tool for fighting unwanted flu and colds! The British Journal of Sports Medicine found that regular physical activity could reduced the chances of illness and also reduced the severity of the illness once caught. Getting out for a fast paced walk, cycling, gardening and DIY and general gym based exercise all count toward your daily physical activity.


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