Five top tips on how you can save money quickly and easily!

Read our top five tips on how you can save money quickly and easily!


Stay one step ahead of the shops! Making weekly meal plans means that a) you can be healthier and b) you can bulk buy in one large shop, which saves you time and money, compared to diving into your local supermarket every night. Keep an eye out online as all the supermarkets have voucher codes and savings, especially for new customers.

There are so many websites out there now to save you money and a personal favourite of mine is Quidco. This site offers you cashback on pretty much every purchase you make and it’s up to you when you release the funds. Whilst it can be time consuming it’s definitely worth spending the time searching for the savings.

Be savvy with your spending

In this day and age it pains me to pay full price for anything! There are so many websites out there offering restaurant meals, spa days, holidays and of course clothing at discounted prices. Think before you spend and never enter a high street shop or restaurant chain without looking for that golden 30% off!

Beware of pound shops! They lure you into a false sense of security, so you think that everything is a bargain. Before you know it, your basket is overflowing with ‘stuff’. Do you really need it all? Can you get it cheaper elsewhere? Probably, is the answer to both of these questions! Bathroom essentials such as toothpaste, body wash and deodorant you can often get from other shops for under £1, so think before you buy.


Never settle for the first price you are given, there may be room for a discount! Whether this is in the form of cashback, voucher codes or good old fashion haggling, you can always try to get a cheaper price.

Keep an eye on what you are using, for example if you pay for 500 TV channels, but only watch 20 of these, call your provider to reduce your package and negotiate a better monthly deal. Never get caught out with mobile phones or internet packages either, make sure you know what your allowance is and stick to it! If you’re not using all of your allowance, stop paying for it. Call your provider and get a better deal.

Don’t pay by card when abroad

It might sound a bit boring, but the key to saving money really is planning. Have a look before you go on holiday at the sort of day trips or activities you might want to do and the cost associated to these. That way you are able to set yourself a budget and you can exchange the right amount of cash before leaving. Most banks will charge you for spending on your card when abroad and you probably won’t think about it until you come home and look at your bank statement. So don’t get stung, take half an hour to plan your holiday a little, don’t worry even with a daily budget you can still have YOLO moments!

Pay your bills on time

Life is busy and it’s easy to forget to pay your bills on time, but don’t get caught out. In this day and age we all carry so much technology around with us, there is no excuse for forgetting. Set up monthly recurring calendar reminders on your phone or work calendar so that you don’t forget!

Where possible try and pay for items in full or set up monthly direct debits, it can often work out cheaper.

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