Budget Insurance Christmas Film Guide

There’s lots of things that make Christmas time feel special – the sound of festive music, the smell of mulled wine and freshly cooked mince pies, the decorations around the house, being inundated with Christmas events to go to, carefully choosing gifts for friends and family… and the list could go on and on.

But whilst Christmas time is usually very jam-packed with fun activities, after stuffing ourselves with Christmas dinner and lots of festive goodies, there’s nothing better than piling onto the sofa with everyone, and putting on a good Christmas movie!

So if you’re looking for some inspiration of what to watch over the festive period, we’ve asked some of the Budget Insurance team what their ultimate go-to Christmas film is, check out their responses:

“Mine’s Home Alone, it’s one of the funniest films I can ever remember watching as a child, and it still makes me laugh even though I watch it every year” Leonie

“For me, there is nothing that screams ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS’ more than a talking pig! Yes, you’ve guessed it, ‘Babe’ is my all-time favourite Christmas film.  The magic of the story is that ‘Babe, a pig won at a country fair, works with the rest of the talking farm yard animals to avoid becoming Christmas dinner and in the process forms close friendships, is hilariously funny and even sings! This film is a ‘must watch’ for Christmas and it’s not just for children I promise!” Yasmin

“My favourite Christmas film is Polar Express. It’s a film I’ve grown up with and always reminds me of Christmas as a child” Oliver

“For me it’s Love Actually. I watch it every year without fail! I love all of the intertwined Christmas stories that are guaranteed to make me laugh, and even shed a tear especially during the ‘to me you are perfect’ scene when Mark turns up at Juliet’s door confessing his feelings for her using giant cards.” Emma

“Mine is definitely Frozen! I like to put it on when I put my tree up and sing along” Libby

“I watch a lot of Christmas films, it’s hard to pick just one as my favourite, but I do love Elf as it’s definitely how I’d imagine someone who’d come from the North Pole” Mubina

 “Jingle All The Way – As a kid I watched it every year, so it’s become a tradition. Even though it’s not really a Christmas film I also always watch Cool Runnings as it’s usually on the TV this time of year” Shafeel

“I don’t really like typical Christmassy films, but I like to watch the Sound of Music and always associate it with Christmas” Laura

“It has to be The Holiday. I think I’ve watched it every Christmas since its release. It’s a guaranteed feel good classic that iterates the importance of spending Christmas with the people you love. The film resonates around being thankful and realising that sometimes those greener pastures are actually already under your feet. If that’s not enough to convince you, it also has Jude Law in it” Frankie

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration of festive favourites to watch over this Christmas period. Is your favourite already on the list? Let us know what you’re watching over the festive period by commenting on our Facebook page.

Merry Christmas! 

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