Avoid a festival fright and keep your valuables safe!

As fun as festivals are, there’s always the worry of keeping your belongings safe, especially if you’re camping! We have come up with some suggestions on how to look after your things while you’re away.

Think about what you’re taking

Nowadays everyone is posting their photos and videos on social media #BraggingRights, so there’s a high chance you’re going to take your smart phone or camera… but the question is do you need it? Give technology a rest and try enjoying the festival care free! However, if you feel better having a phone on you for safety reasons, why not buy a cheaper pay as you go phone to use while you’re there! That way, you wouldn’t be as gutted if it gets lost or stolen. Have a think about those expensive items that you may carry day to day.

Have you also thought about your engagement/wedding rings? It’s easy to forget that you’re wearing them and they’re not something you want to get dirty or lose! Trying to find them would be a needle in a haystack! If you can live without them for a few days leave them at home where they’re safe. If you need a wallet to carry your money in, why not buy a cheap one just in case you lose it or get it wet. This way you won’t be worried about ruining that expensive leather.

Check where you’re staying

It might be worth doing a bit of research around your accommodation and festival facilities before you set off. For example; some places may not accept card payment for food or drink so you may need cash. If you’re going to take your purse or wallet, it might also be worth making a note of your bank’s phone number in case you need to contact them in an emergency. Some festivals may have lockers too, so you could always put your valuables in there!

Use the car

If there’s a group of you driving to the festival then group together and take one car! This also gives you some extra storage space if you don’t particularly want to keep anything in a tent. It’s handy to have a car on site as it allows you to keep your belongings safe and potentially out of the mud, just remember to lock it and keep your valuables out of sight. Store any important documents or anything of value either in your glove box, or the boot of your car, just make sure your parcel shelf is fitted securely. Have you ever thought about getting temporary car insurance? With our sister site Jaunt, you can get insurance from one to thirty days, so why not share the drive with your friend? For more information on Jaunt, click here.

Secure the tent

This may sound simple but it could save your weekend ending in misery! Take a look online at small locks that you can fit to the zips of your tent. Getting a lock will hopefully reduce the risk of being burgled. Just remember that there is always a risk when leaving valuables in any tent so bear that in mind when you go out of the camp site.  An alternative is to buy a small alarm that will go off if your tent is broken in to. Just remember to unset it when you stumble back to your tent!

Remember if you have your home insurance with us, you can protect your things with our Contents Insurance. We can insure valuable items outside the home as well! 


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