Motor Legal Protection

If you’re involved in a road traffic accident that’s not your fault, our Motor Legal Protection can help you and your passengers claim back any uninsured losses from the person that caused the accident. We will appoint a solicitor to represent you and help you claim back the losses that aren’t covered by your Budget Van Insurance policy.

Motor Legal Protection features and benefits include:

    • Help with recovering your excess if the accident wasn’t your fault
    • Help with recovering lost earnings, phone bills, travel costs and much more
    • Help with recovering compensation and medical expenses if you or your passengers have any injuries as a result of a motor accident
    • Up to £100,000 cover to help you claim back uninsured losses. That’s more than double the amount offered by some providers
    • A 24/7, claims hotline with a dedicated team of representatives ready to help you
    • Up to £20,000 cover for legal expenses if you are facing suspension or disqualification from driving
    • A guarantee that you will keep 100% of any award made to you

Remember that:

          • Claims for uninsured losses must be reported within 180 days of the motor accident
          • The third party must have a valid motor insurance policy at the time of the accident in order for a claim to be made
          • Motoring prosecution defence does not cover any fines or penalties, or any charges brought against you as a result of drink or drugs
          • Personal injury claims must be as a result of a motor related accident

Please refer to the policy document for full terms, exclusions and limitations