Pet Insurance

Quality pet insurance for your protection.

We know that your pets mean a lot to you and when your pets get ill you’ll do everything you can to make them better, whatever the cost. But hefty vets’ bills can put a strain on your finances, on top of all your usual monthly outgoings.

helpucover pet insurance takes care of any vets’ bills and much more besides and with helpucover pet insurance you can even give your pet full cover for life, so they’ll have the same protection year after year. Don’t worry, this is applicable Every time the policy is renewed, no matter how many claims you’ve had to make.

Should you need to make contact regarding your policy then  a team of  representatives, who are all animal lovers are on hand to help whenever you need them.

Pet insurance includes:

  • All vet fees, including accident, illness and injury
  • No time limit on how long you can claim for each illness or injury
  • One month’s free premium every year for each policy, if you insure two or more pets
  • Third party liability and legal cover for dog owners
  • Advertising costs for lost pets
  • Loss of a pet from theft or straying
  • Emergency boarding fees if you’re in hospital and can’t care for your pet
  • 24-hour vet nurses helpline for advice and information, or any queries about your pet’s wellbeing

Significant exclusions and limitations:

  • Vet fees excess and third party liability excess will apply
  • Any condition that has been investigated by a vet or is known to you prior to the policy start date
  • Vet fees to treat an illness or poisoning first occurring or showing signs within the first 14 days of the start date
  • Your hospitalisation for alcoholism, drug abuse, attempted suicide or self-inflicted injuries
  • Any claim relating to pets that are lost or stolen within the first 14 days of cover

Full terms, conditions and exclusions are shown in the policy document.

Your Pet Insurance questions answered

Do I need pet insurance?

Where it is not a legal requirement to have pet insurance, it can help to support you financially should your pet need veterinary care.

According to the Money Advice Service the average pet insurance claim is £750, if you are unsure as to whether you think you need pet insurance or not, perhaps think about whether you could easily afford the cost of the average bill, without having to sacrifice other essentials.

Additionally, could you afford ongoing veterinary costs if your pet was to be diagnosed with a lifetime condition where persistent trips to the vets were required? All of this is worth considering when working out whether you need pet insurance or not. It may seem like an unnecessary monthly/ annual cost, but it could be a lot less than you would pay should your pet need veterinary care.

What types of pet insurance cover options are there?

There are three types of pet insurance policies available within the UK; lifetime annual and accident only.

Lifetime Cover is the most comprehensive level of cover that you can have for your pet. You can pay your premiums monthly or annually and the main benefit is that your insurer has to insure you every year. So if your pet was to get a condition that required lifetime treatment, your insurer will have to keep covering you regardless of age or any existing conditions, subject to their terms and conditions.

Annual Cover is where you pay for 12 months’ worth of cover for your pet. This type of policy gives you the option to switch your insurance on an annual basis. This cover is often cheaper than Lifetime Cover, but also offers less comprehensive benefits. Each insurer’s offerings will be different.

Accident Only Cover only provides cover for your pet if they are involved in an accident and is the most basic level of cover that you can purchase for your pet. This level of cover does not cover illnesses, only accidents.

What can pet insurance cover?

Dependent upon the level of cover you require, pet insurance can offer cover for: accident, illness, loss and theft of your pet, treatment for behavioural issues, dental surgery, death by illness and liability.

It is worth noting that the cover available will vary dependent upon the insurer you select. It is worth ensuring that you read the terms and conditions of the policy carefully before you purchase it to make sure that it offers cover for your requirements.

What is an excess for pet insurance?

An excess is the amount that you will have to pay should you make a claim on your pet insurance and is typically made up of a compulsory and a voluntary amount.

The insurer will set the compulsory amount, and when you are completing your quote for cover, you will set the voluntary excess amount.

Why do different breeds make a difference to the price of pet insurance?

Additionally, whether you have purchased your pet from a puppy or whether your pet is older at the point of requesting cover may also make a difference to the price of your pet insurance.

Insurance is arranged and administered by helpucover Pet Insurance and underwritten by Pinnacle Insurance plc, which are not part of the BGL Group.