Your Car Insurance policy documents explained

You can view all of your Budget Insurance, car insurance policy documents by logging onto your Self Service Centre

What documents will you receive when you take out a car insurance policy?

When you take out your car insurance policy, you will receive the following documents:

Covering letter

This includes:

  • What’s in your document pack
  • What you need to do next
  • All our important contact details
  • Reminders of anything you need to send to us, such as proof of No Claims Discount

Motor policy summary

This shows what your policy includes, along with any limitations or exclusions.

Motor policy wording

This contains all the general information about your car insurance policy. It also explains your obligations as a policyholder, our rights as an insurer and any general exclusions that apply to your policy.

Statement of insurance

This shows all the details you gave us about you and your car when you bought your policy.

Schedule of insurance

This shows:

  • Details of your insurance
  • Your policy number
  • Cover details
  • Who is insured to drive your car
  • Any excesses that applies to your policy
  • Which sections of the policy wording apply to you
  • The name and address of the insurer that’s underwriting your policy

Certificate of motor insurance

This certificate is proof that you have the minimum insurance required by the Road Traffic Act. You’ll have a separate certificate for each insured car.

Policy payment arrangements

This explains:

  • How much your payments will be
  • Which account or card they’ll be taken from
  • How the Direct Debit guarantee works

Pre-contract credit information

We’ll only send you this document if you’re paying by monthly instalments. It explains:

  • The total cost of the credit payment
  • The key features of the credit arrangement
  • How to get in touch if you have any queries

Fixed Sum Loan Agreement

The Fixed Sum Loan Agreement is a legal contract to supply credit to a customer and is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.  The agreement contains key financial information such as:

  • Amount of credit
  • Term of agreement
  • Instalment amounts and frequency
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
  • Charges applied (e.g. if you miss a payment)
  • Early settlement amounts

If you’re paying by monthly instalments, you’ll get two copies of this document. All you need to do is sign one copy and return it to us, and keep the other copy for your records.

Important information about our insurance intermediary services

This document sets out important information about how we will arrange and administer your insurance policy on your behalf and forms a separate contract with you. It details the services we will provide to you, our fees and charges and includes information about how your policy will be renewed.  It also shows how we are regulated.

Direct Debit instruction

We can usually set up a DDI over the phone when you buy your policy, but we’ll send out a printed version if:

  • The account holder did not want to give us verbal authorisation
  • We didn’t speak to the account holder when the policy was purchased
  • The DDI has previously been cancelled by the account holder’s bank

The DDI must be signed by the account holder and accepted by the bank before we can take any payments from the account.

Additional documentation

If you’ve bought any additional products, you can download and view documents from your Self Service Centre. Alternatively, for a fee of £5.00 we can send your documents via post directly to your home address.

Additional products may include:

  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Motor Legal Protection
  • Guaranteed Replacement Car

If you’ve bought Keycare or Personal Accident Cover, we will send you the relevant documents separately.