What you need to do

To make the setting up of your policy as easy as possible, here are some of the options available to you.

Option 1
Send us the Proof of No Claims Discount in one of the following ways: 

Don't forget to include your policy number.

Option 2

If you don't have the Proof of No Claims Discount to hand, send us a few details and we'll contact the insurer for you; all we need is: 

  • The name of the company that the regular driver was insured with
  • The insurer's telephone number
  • The insurer's policy number
  • The name on the policy (if it's different to what we have)
  • The vehicle registration (if it's different from the vehicle insured with us) 
  • The address on the policy (if it's different from the address insured with us)

Email this information to ncd@budgetinsurance.com with your policy number, and leave the rest to us.

Some insurers may need your permission beforehand to speak to us, so you can either call them in advance or we'll let you know if we encounter any problems.

Please note, this option is not available for Company Car Proof and unfortunately we cannot contact the following insurers in this way: Adrian Flux, Admiral, Bell, Diamond, Elephant, Flux Direct, More Than, Tesco, Quote Me Happy, Co-operative Insurance and Saga; so please choose one of the other options. 

Option 3

If you prefer to speak to someone about the No Claims Discount Proof, you can: Call us on our local rate number 0344 412 2122, Monday to Friday 8am-8pm where our Customer Service Team are on hand to answer any queries you may have. Or request a call back from us during the hours above by emailing us at ncd@budgetinsurance.com

Some other useful information

  • The details of what are acceptable Proofs of No Claims Discount are shown below for you
  • In the meantime, should you need to make a claim, our UK claims helpline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your claims number is 0344 4142 2128, please make a note of this or save it in your phone so you have it to hand in case of an accident 

What documents are acceptable as Proof of No Claims Discount? 
If the Proof of No Claims Discount is from a different vehicle from the one you have insured with us, you'll need to send us either your No Claims Discount, Letter, Cancellation Letter or a renewal notice with a letter explaining the policy is no longer active/ the statement or schedule of insurance which clearly shows the required information we need as detailed below.

If the Proof of No Claims Discount is for the registration then you can send us the renewal notice, NCD proof letter or a cancellation letter from your previous insurer which clearly shows the required information we need as detailed below.

What does the Proof of No Claims Discount document need to show?

The proof you send to us needs to have the expiry date which is; no more than two years old/ be from a; policy that is still active on another car or van. We cannot accept No Claims Discount from motorcycles, caravans, trucks or lorries.

It should be in the name of the regular driver If your proof is for a named driver on the policy with us, you'll need to call us so we can change your policy details.

It must state the No Claims Discount entitlement in years or percentage and show any claims or losses within the last five years. If your proof is from a Company Car, we can only accept the No Claims Discount entitlement in years. 

What format should the No Claims Discount Proof be in?

  • Originals, scanned images or photos are all acceptable. Just make sure that the image is clear and that it includes all the information we have asked for above.
  • If you're sending it by email it can be in any of these formats: .jpeg, .pdf, .png.
  • Please note we cannot accept encrypted or password protected files, cloud documents such as Samsung Drive, Cloud Drive, iCloud or attachments linking to other insurers' websites.