Making a Car Insurance claim

Call our 24/7 UK car insurance claims helpline on 0344 412 2127.

How do I claim on my car insurance?

In the unfortunate event that your car is involved in an accident or  stolen and you need to make a claim, we have a dedicated Customer Service Team ready to take your  call on 0344 412 2127, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What do I need to make a car insurance claim?

All you’ll need to provide on the call is your policy number, name and address, and our expert team will then be able to assist you with your claim.

It’s also useful to have your police crime reference to hand if you have one, and details of everyone involved in the accident, including any witnesses.

Do I have to make a car insurance claim?

No, you do not need to make a car insurance claim for all incidents, it’s up to you whether you want to claim on your insurance or pay for any damage to your vehicle yourself.

Depending on the level of excess you have on your policy, for some smaller repairs it may be cheaper to pay for the repairs yourself rather than claiming and paying the initial excess cost.

If you’ve had insurance for a number of years without having to make a claim, you may also have built up several years of No Claims Discount (NCD). This could potentially be more valuable for you to keep so that you benefit from the NCD discount on your insurance premium overall.

What happens to my No Claims Discount (NCD) when I make a claim?

What happens to your NCD will depend on the type of claim you’re making.

If you’re claiming a non-fault claim where recovery can be made, or for repair work, for example to a chipped windscreen, then it is unlikely to affect your No Claims Discount, you will just be required to pay any relevant excess.

If you’re claiming a fault claim or a non-fault claim where recovery can't be made your NCD will be affected as shown below:

  • If you have 5 or more years NCD your NCD will reduce to 3 years
  • If you have less than 5 years your NCD will reduce by 2 years

If you have 4 or more years NCD, we may be able to protect it for you for an additional cost. This means that if you make a claim during the year we won’t reduce your NCD unless you are unfortunate enough to make 2 claims over a 3 year period.  You can check out further details on protecting your NCD here.

What should I do if I’m in an accident?

  • Stay where you are and don’t drive away
  • Make sure no one has been hurt. If someone has been hurt, call an ambulance
  • Don’t admit blame or liability, or offer to pay for any damage or injuries
  • Take the other driver’s name, address, contact phone number and vehicle registration number, and the contact details of anyone else involved
  • Take down the contact details of any witnesses
  • If it is safe to do so, use a camera or the camera on your phone to take pictures of the scene
  • If possible, make a sketch of the scene to show all the vehicles and all the people involved, including witnesses

What should I do if my car is stolen: 

  • Call the police and file a police report. You will be provided with a ‘crime reference number’
  • Contact our claims helpline for further support

Call our 24/7 UK car insurance claims helpline on 0344 412 2127.