Budget Go FAQs

Budget Go FAQs


Do I need to have my location data on?

How does the app know where I'm driving?

Is my data shared with anyone?

What data do you receive from my use of the App?

How are you using my data?


What is a Tripcoin?

Do I get more Tripcoins for longer journeys?

What happens if I forget to start/stop the app?

How many miles is one Tripcoin?

Do I get Tripcoins for how I drive?

When do my Tripcoins expire?

How many Tripcoins do I need to get a reward?


Can I still get rewards without my location data turned on?

Is there a limit to the number of rewards I can claim?

How do I redeem my Tripcoins for a reward?

Can I redeem my rewards online?

Will the reward code work in a shop?

Is there a limit to the number of times I can redeem rewards?

I've selected my rewards and clicked on 'Redeem' but no code was generated. What shall I do?

Cancelling and renewing your insurance policy

What happens to my Tripcoins if I cancel my Budget Insurance policy?

Will I lose all my Tripcoins if I don't renew my Budget Insurance policy?

General information

Where can I download the Budget Go app?

Do you use my driving history to set my price at renewal?

Does using my location data mean you'll be tracking my driving performance?

Can I speak to someone about the Budget Go app?

Are there any fees for using the Budget Go app?

Why are you giving me rewards for free?

Use of the app

Can I use the Budget Go app abroad?

What happens if my 4G or my Wi-Fi connection isn't working?

Do I have to have a Budget Insurance policy to use the Budget Go app?

Why can't I get the Budget Go app on my Android device?

Can I add my partner onto the same Budget Go profile?

Can I use the app in someone else's car?

Can I use the app if I'm a passenger?

How do I use Budget Go?

Do I have to pay to use Budget Go?