Your guide to purchasing home insurance

Buying home insurance can be very confusing and more often than not the amount of products in the market can be overwhelming. At the end of the day you just want to know that if anything happens you and your belongings are safe. To make things a little easier, see the guide below highlighting the things you need to take into consideration when purchasing Home Insurance.

Buildings and Contents what’s the difference?

Allow us to break this down for you. In a nutshell, buildings insurance covers your permanent fixtures and fittings within the boundaries of the land belonging to your home including things like your roof, walls, ceiling, doors, kitchen units and bathroom fittings for example. Contents insurance is designed to protect your household items like your furniture, electrical equipment, clothing and jewellery.

Name your valuables

It is important to ensure that special or high risk items such as jewellery, electronic equipment and valuable collections are named on your policy. You will be surprised when you add up the value of the sparkly, techy or hobby related equipment you will have in your home, so don’t get caught out if something happens. You can call your insurance provider to add any items at any time but watch out for admin charges to make changes to your policy mid-term.

Is there anything else I should consider?

There are often a number of extra products you can purchase alongside your core policy to ensure you really are protected for most eventualities. One in particular that I can pay homage to is Keycare! This product has previously been my best friend when I lost my house keys whilst on holiday, the most un-relaxing end to a holiday you can imagine! Arriving home to find my house keys are nowhere to be seen, argh! Luckily, I had Keycare cover and with a 24 hour emergency line and locksmiths located around the country, within a couple of hours I was sitting on my sofa relaxing! So, morale of the story is not to ignore the other products you can purchase, read and take note as they may come in handy!

Maintaining your property

Whilst we are all aware we need to maintain our property so they continue to look nice, we also have to maintain them to ensure we are covered by our insurance. It’s not a commonly known fact that leaks of water around your bath or shower are not covered by your contents policy so it’s important to ensure your baths, showers and sinks are sealed to prevent any gradual water damage. So this weekend instead of having that BBQ, buy some sealant and check your bath!

You can protect your home with cover of up to £1 million as standard with our Budget Insurance Buildings Insurance. To find out more about Budget’s Home Insurance features and benefits click here.

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