Top tips for owning your own business #IOwnMyOwn

Starting your own business isn’t for the faint hearted! It can be stressful, time-consuming and by no means easy. However, on the plus side, it can be a fulfilling and positive experience both personally and professionally. Our team of traders have got together, had a chin wag and given us their top tips for owning your own business #IOwnMyOwn.

Do your research, continuously

“Both your market and the economy are continually changing so keep ahead of the game by investing time into market research. Being aware of what your competitors are offering is integral to a strong business.” Mark Pearce – MVP Aerials

Deliver what people want, not what you want to deliver

“I have found that people’s tastes vary from one person to the next so it’s important to deliver what people ask for and not just what you think would work best.” Amanda Owen – The Parlour Interiors

Be genuine

“People are wary of tradesmen as there are so many stories about people being ripped off, so be open, honest and truthful.” Chinzi Esposito – Chinzi Esposito Roofing Services

Be professional

“Even though you may be a one man band answering calls whilst packing orders and nipping to the post office, no one needs to know this – always be professional, efficient and happy to chat.” Helen Esposito – Magpie Vintage Crockery Hire

Spread the word

“Most local businesses get the majority of their work from the local area so make sure you network. Get yourself noticed by having a presence at local events and ensure your business features on local websites, magazines and social media.” Helen Esposito – Magpie Vintage Crockery Hire

Manage your time

“Make sure you plan your diary so that you can take time off, getting that balance can be challenging but we all need down time. Now I have a family, I spend my weekends with them so apart from visiting the odd job, I have time off with my family.” Chinzi Esposito – Chinzi Esposito Roofing Services

Always provide outstanding customer service

“From managing expectations to always being polite and well presented, perception is everything. There are so many traders out there providing so much choice, so don’t do yourself out of a job by not practicing outstanding customer service.” Mark Pearce – MVP Aerials

Be accurate when selling online

“Don’t advertise something that is not as it seems. Ensure accurate descriptions and if you are photographing your items, make sure the picture is taken in good light and is a true reflection of the item itself.” Amanda Owen – The Parlour Interiors

Have the right insurance

“Whether this is for your van, your home (if you use it as work premises) and even your staff if you employ any. Additionally, make sure you have cover for the contents of your van, this specifically applies to traders who keep tools and materials in their van overnight.” Mark Pearce – MVP Aerials

Make sure you have a consistent cash flow

“Some jobs will pay immediately and some will take weeks, even months to come in and meantime you still need to cover your overheads. Therefore it’s essential you make sure you always have some funds in reserve.” Chinzi Esposito – Chinzi Esposito Roofing Services

Plan ahead

“Planning is everything, keep a diary, plan jobs in, ensure enough time is allocated for each job and if you work alone, don’t overstretch yourself – only promise what you can 100% deliver.” Helen Esposito – Magpie Vintage Crockery Hire

Be competitive

“It’s hard to set the right price, you don’t want to be the cheapest in the local area but then again you don’t want to price yourself out of the market. Do your competitor research and make sure you have priced your goods/ services correctly.” Mark Pearce – MVP Aerials

If you have any top tips for anyone wanting to start up their own business, please let us know by visiting our Facebook page and commenting on our post using the #IOwnMyOwn hashtag.

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