Top tips for preventing child inflicted household damage

A recent survey reported in the Express has found that the average child inflicts £3,446 worth of damage to the family home during the time they live there. Wow….Even we are shocked!

But what can you do to minimise the damage whilst your little angels live at home? We have wracked our brains and come up with our top tips for minimising damage and hopefully, reducing that bill.

Choose durable materials

Children, by nature, are both inquisitive and, well, messy! They don’t often like to sit still, they like to walk around with food in their hands and bar banning cheesy orange crisps and ice cream from your house, you will have to be prepared for the odd spillage, not to mention the snot and sick!

But don’t fear, all is not lost, it just has to be slightly amended. When thinking about your home décor, think about buying items that are durable and can easily be washed/ wiped. Leather is always a good option and you can now even buy carpets that are stain proof…it’s a miracle!

Create a place to play

Keep the mess at bay, or at least all in one place, by creating a space for children to play. This doesn’t have to be a designated ‘play room’, it could always be a corner of a living room or even a shed.

I can already hear you saying ‘what, a shed?’ but let me tell you, my brother and I had a designated play room style shed at my grandparents’ house. The inside of the shed was painted blue and we were allowed to hang our artwork on the walls. Not only that, but a cheap carpet was fitted to make it cosy. It really was super cool!

The higher up it is, the harder it is to break

If you have any valuables and specifically, glass items such as vases, plates etc., it is advisable to keep them safe by putting them as high up as possible so that they are out of reach of little fingers. This will not only prolong the life of your glassware, but will also take away the risk of your little ones cutting their fingers on glass.

Always buy extra paint

My number one tip- always buy more paint. Let’s face it, walls get scuffed, drawn on and marked so if you always have a small stock of extra paint, even if it’s just a sample pot, then you can easily touch up your walls when the kids are in bed. This idea came to me after I walked into the living room to see my little darling dragging his bike through the house, via the wall!

If you have any handy tips and advice, please let us know by commenting on our Facebook post.


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