Top tips for child safety this summer

Summer holidays are looming and you’ve probably already started to think about your itinerary for the six week summer holiday. When out and about keeping an eye on your little people can be challenging so we have come up with some top safety tips for keeping your children safe this summer!

Wrist bands

Arranging a meeting place ‘just in case’ the children get lost is a traditional method used on days out, but have you considered a safety wristband for children? You can personalise them with contact numbers, addresses and general details. These bands are designed so that children can be located and returned to their parents if they were to wander off.

Use code words

In the unlikely event that your child ends up in a dangerous situation and is away from you, a code word could help them reach out to you. These code words can be used in many situations, for example if someone was to approach your child in a park and they wanted to let you know they were worried or in trouble, they could shout out your chosen word and you would know instantly what to do. These words can also be used on the phone or by text, if your child is out with friends and is out of sight. Remember a wiser child is a safer child.

Make the most of apps

Technology as you know it is ever advancing and can be used as a great protection tool. There are now products, such as a find my iphone, where you can track your children’s phones and the app will tell you where they are on a map format. This will give you peace of mind, especially when they are out with their friends.

Set a routine

If you’re staying at home and your children want to go out and play with their friends then set a routine to ensure your children are safe when they are out and about. Why not ask them to come home every two hours to make sure they are eating and drinking enough, top up the sun cream and set a time limit as to when you want them home. During the summer months street lights won’t come on until 9pm, so frequent checking in will provide you with peace of mind.

Sun cream

With UK temperatures planning to soar over the summer months, ensure your factor 30 sun cream is stocked up. Days at theme parks, swimming pools and other fun filled activities always pose the risk of potential sun burn so make sure your children are protected. The paler your child’s natural skin tone is the more protection they need, so don’t forget to pack sun hats, sunglasses and appropriate clothing when heading out for the day.

Stay hydrated

It’s important to keep your children hydrated especially when the sun is out and they’re playing all day. If you’re off out for the day, it’s a good idea to take some bottled water with you, not only does it keep your children hydrated but will probably save you a fortune paying for drinks when you’re out and about. The amount of water a child needs depends on different things such as their age, gender and even the weather! As a general rule children should drink around 6-8 glasses of water a day, so make sure you’re little people always have water to hand. 

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