Our top tips for avoiding burglary in your home

In September 2015 the ‘Crime Survey for England & Wales’ (CSEW) estimated 743,000 incidents of domestic burglary showing a non-significant 5% decrease year on year. (Office for National Statistics; 2014).

Although this decrease in burglary may be seen as good news for homeowners and renters alike; there is still more that can be done to ensure that your home does not become the target of theft.

Mums the word on social media

With social media now being at the forefront of daily life, be sure not to advertise the fact that you are going away or that your home will be vacant on any social media channel. You may think that this is harmless and that only your friends will see your posts right? Wrong, let me explain.

If a friend of yours ‘likes’ your holiday tag on Facebook, this can then be shared with their friends and so on, unless you are aware of your privacy settings. A majority of Facebook users are unaware that their default privacy settings allow other users (not friends) to view their information. It is worth reviewing your privacy settings to ensure that no one other than your friends can view your personal information and that it cannot be shared by others.

Even after you have reviewed your privacy settings, I would advise that mums the word with social media!

Don’t allow people to window shop

Keep valuables out of sight of prying eyes by removing them from your window display. Alternatively, although some see them as unsightly, net curtains can allow the light to get in without people on the other side of the window being able to pry.

Complete regular maintenance checks

Regularly check your door locks and windows and replace where locks have weakened.

Break down delivery boxes

This is especially relevant around birthdays and Christmas. If you have boxes outside your home awaiting collection from the bin men, ensure that they are broken down and do not display images or information on what may now be inside your home.

Watch out for ‘hook and crook’ theft

Hook and crook theft is where keys are left so close to the front door that they can be obtained through your letterbox via a ‘hook’ method; usually a coat hanger is used here. Ensure that keys are located up high or away from the front door.

In addition to taking measures to avoid burglary in your home, having the correct level of home & content insurance is vital for the safekeeping of your personal belongings. Visit our building insurance & content insurance pages to find out more about our insurance and cover levels.

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