Top cleaning tips to save you time and money!

Whilst we’re all jumping for joy at the prospect of some sun, it also means that cobweb you’ve been ignoring for the last four months, everyone can see!

We love the fact that spring means lambs, daffodils, bike rides and spring cleaning. Spring cleaning? Not so much! No-one enjoys cleaning the cupboards and hoovering behind the bed all in the name of spring. So we’ve put together some helpful hints and tips not only to help you physically get the job done, but mentally prepare ‘just do it!’

Helpful hints and tips:

Hardest first, let’s sort out the wardrobe! That jumper you’ve been keeping ‘just in case’ for the last three years, ciao! You’re gone. It’s never going to see the light of day so it’s time to part ways. Our advice is to make three piles: Keep, charity bag and bin. This will help you prioritise and not feel overwhelmed with the mountain of clothes and shoes that have just appeared.

While sorting your wardrobe sprinkle some baking soda on your mattress and leave for up to eight hours before simply hoovering up. Baking soda removes odours by balancing PH levels and this trick is perfect whilst you are sorting your wardrobe – multi tasking in its finest form!

Keep your eye out when sorting your wardrobe for any unwanted lint rollers you may have lying around, we have a top tip for you. Lint rollers work like magic for rolling over your curtains and lampshades to remove any surface dust.

There are around 8 million cats and 9 million dogs as pets in UK households, that’s a lot of hair to potentially block up your hoover. Our top tip is to pop some rubber gloves on and give your furniture a rub, stay with me! You will be surprised at how easily pet hair will stick to your rubber gloves, wash your hands in water, the hair will unstick and float to the top so you can easily dispose of it in the bin.

These simple tips should hopefully make your spring cleaning a little less painful and with a few shortcuts to get your house sparking without too much stress, it’s time to enjoy the spring sunshine.


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