Top 5 cleaning tips for a sparkly home!

…And you’re bound to have all you need in your kitchen cupboards

Lemon Juice

When you open your dishwasher and last week’s curry is still lingering, even though you have done several loads since, don’t panic, we have a solution! Go to your fruit bowl and grab the lemon that was meant for your Friday night G&T (fear not you only need to use half the lemon). Squeeze the lemon juice into a cup or dishwasher safe receptacle, place on the bottom rack and put your rinse cycle on. The result? A sweet smelling dishwasher! 


Planning an up and coming dinner party and you really fancy some Red wine but also want to show of your new newly decorated living room? Well you can, just have some salt at the ready! Often a forgotten miracle worker, it sorts out all sorts of spillages, Red wine being a great example. In the event of an emergency, dab the excess liquid with kitchen roll, then add salt which will soak up the rest. Finish off with some cold water and crisis averted!


We’ve all been there, reach to take the glass out of the cupboard and whoops….it’s on the floor! After the initial annoyance of breaking the glass all over the kitchen floor, panic swiftly follows trying to ensure you have all the little bits safely in the dustpan. Next time this happens, because it will, use a slice of bread to collect the tiny slithers.


Trying to keep white trainers white can prove a nightmare. Stop worrying and start enjoying showing off your brand new kicks as toothpaste is the answer to your problem. Any toothpaste is great for cleaning the rubber parts of trainers, helping maintain that fresh white look.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is for life and not just for baking! Put baking soda to work around the home by soaking your hairbrushes and combs in a mixture of one teaspoon to a small amount of water. The result, a clean and fresh hairbrush! 

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