Tips to keeping your car cool in summer

The summer months are here which means you’ve probably got plenty of road trips planned in the up and coming months! Whether it’s festivals, day out at the beach or even taking the kids to the park, there’s lots going on. However, hotter days also mean hotter cars. Now temperatures are reaching the high 20’s, your car can end up getting quite warm and often uncomfortable. So to help keep you cool and calm behind the wheel we have come up with some top tips for keeping your car cool this summer.

Make the most of your air conditioning

If you’re lucky enough to have A/C in your car, you will appreciate the luxury of being able to turn the temperature up and down as and when you want to. However with all the different settings that are available in today’s modern cars, are you making the most of them? Usually there are two options you can use, one is fresh air, which is air that is brought in from outside and cooled depending on the temperature you set it too. Whereas recirculation re-uses the air that’s already in the car and circulates it back through the vent to cool. When stuck in traffic it’s best to use the recirculation option as it reduces the amount of unwanted car fumes in the air. When travelling along at a constant speed, the fresh air setting could be a better option.

It’s also important to remember that hot air rises so the best thing to try and do is release the air. You may be thinking how do you do this? Well all you need to do is open your bottom air vents, put the power on maximum and open your windows. You may need to use your car manual to find out where these are as each car is different! This will enable the cool air to push the warm air out of the windows. Give it a couple of minutes, then you can shut your windows and continue as you normally would.

Park in the shade

It may seem like common sense, but in the heat of the moment it may slip your mind, especially if you’re in a rush to get somewhere. Usually car parks have surrounding buildings or trees which are a great blocker for sunlight. Think about the time of day and where the sun is likely to move throughout the course of the time you’re out and try to park somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight. This will save you from opening all the doors and boot when returning to your car.

Use a sun shade cover

Buying a cover to protect your car from sunlight is probably a more reliable option especially when car parks are quite open. They are used to direct the sun away from your car windows, stopping the heat from building up in your car. It will only take an extra two minutes to cover your window but is definitely worth it. You can buy these online from many retailers.

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