Three things you can create with pallets for your garden


Ever wanted to make your own furniture or just fancy brightening up your garden? Take a look at our top three projects you could do at home. You may have some spare pallets lying around, which could be useful. Or if not, you may be able find pallets in garden centres, furniture shops or builders merchants.


Summer is here, we think… So it’s a perfect time to brighten up your garden with some pretty plants. Follow the steps below to create perfect planters

1) Get your wooden pallet and place it flat in some soil.

2) Use the gaps in between the wooden panels to place your plants, this will keep your plants aligned and straight. Ensure you leave enough room in between each plant to grow.

3) Once you’ve placed all your plants in the pallet, cover all the visible wood with extra soil. You may need to buy some from your local supermarket or garden centre.

4) Remember to water your plants regularly and ensure they get sunlight.

Storage rack

Have you noticed your shed is looking untidy and needs a good sort out? Well we’ve got an idea for you.

1) Get your pallet and place into position on your wall. Mark this with a pencil, so you know where to put your nails

2) Nail the back of the pallet to your shed, ensuring that no nails are sticking out the back.

3) Paint your pallet in any colour you wish, or just sand down the rough edges with sandpaper and apply wax for a natural wooden shine.

4) Wait for the wax or paint to dry and place your tools and garden objects in there ensuring that they are secure. You could even add hooks to the front for the smaller tools such as bush clippers and trowels.

Garden chair

For this design you will need to get your hands on two large pallets and some seat padding

1) Cut the first pallet in half using a saw, ensuring that both pieces are exactly the same size. This will be the base of your chair

2) Place one on top of the other and use screws to fix them securely together

3) Get your other pallet and tilt it vertically placing it against the base. Again securely fix the back to the base using screws, ensuring that no screws are showing.

4) Smooth the wood with sandpaper making sure all rough edges are removed

5) Apply any paint or wooden finishing to your chair

6) Once the paint is dry, add your seat padding to make your chair comfortable.

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