Stay alive. Don’t drink and drive

They say don’t drink and drive for a reason. Latest figures show that 1 in 6 accidents on the road are caused by drink drivers and this relates to 3,000 deaths and casualties per year.* We have some information to help be aware of the influences of alcohol and tips to stay safe on the road.

It’s a limit not a target

We all like to enjoy the weekends and relax but are you aware of how drinking alcohol could affect you? The legal limit in the UK is 80 milligrams of alcohol to 100 milliliters of blood and how quickly you reach the limit can vary depending on your gender, age, weight etc. Women should drink no more than 2-3 units of alcohol per day which is equivalent to a 175ml glass of wine. Men can drink a bit more than women as they have more enzymes in the stomach that break alcohol down quicker. Men can drink 3-4 units a day, which is no more than a pint of strong larger, beer or cider.

Road signs are not made of paper

It has been scientifically proven that alcohol is a depressant, this means it slows body processes down. This results in slurred speech, unsteady movement, disturbed perceptions and hallucinations. However, the main reason for accidents is that alcohol slows down reaction times so you are less likely to respond as quickly to another car or even a red light.

It’s not just your life to think about

Being under the influence of alcohol puts other road users and passengers at as much risk as you. Consider others on the road and don’t take the risk, even if it is only a five minute drive.

Plan ahead

Don’t drink on work nights, why not have five drink free days a week. Look at replacing the alcohol for an alternative such as going for a walk, or going to the gym. This will relieve any internal stress and keep you fit as well!

  • Know what you’re buying e.g. the strength of the alcohol. Beers, wines and spirits contain varied amounts of alcohol and therefore some can be stronger than others. Bear this is mind when working out how long it will be before you drive again.
  • If you want to drink make sure someone else is driving you home that will remain sober or even book a taxi in advance to save you from the temptation of getting behind the wheel.

What are the consequences?

Drink-driving punishments include up to six months in prison, an unlimited fine and a driving ban of at least one year. As well as this, it can have a big impact on your daily life. Could you image losing you license and not be able to drive to work? Could you bear the daily commute on a bus? Stay safe and enjoy your weekends without any unwanted stress.

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