Pointless things we all have at home

We probably don’t like to admit it, but if we look around our home there’s probably loads of things we’ve hoarded over the years, things we never use, and things we probably don’t even know what the purpose of it is!

However you’re not alone, it turns out we’re all creatures of habit and there’s a whole host of pointless things that are guaranteed to be in everyone’s homes:

Spaghetti drawer of chargers

We don’t know why, but we don’t seem to be able to clear out all the chargers and electrical cables that came with our old phones, or our even older digital cameras!  An array of unidentifiable cables, chargers and USB leads then find their way into a tangled mess, lodged in a drawer for eternity, and we just can’t bear to throw any of them away as one of them will be useful one day…right?

Almost empty bottles

So we get to the last few dregs of shampoo, conditioner, bottles of moisturisers, nail varnishes etc. triggering us to buy some more when we’re at the shops, but our new full bottles are just too irresistible to not start using straight away. Then without throwing out the old bottles, we’re left with a graveyard of almost empty bottles littered around the edge of the bath or in the shower.

Fancy cleaning products

For cleaning products we appear to have the opposite problem, where we have a cupboard full of fancy products for all kinds of purposes which largely remain unopened as every time we just reach for our reliable one multi-purpose product, and not much else…

Unused cooking equipment

Our kitchens also seem to be cluttered with an array of cooking equipment – blenders, juicers, mixers, ice cream makers, candy floss machines etc. the list goes on… those once ‘must have’ items now just seem to gather dust in the cupboard, and we’ve probably forgotten that we have half of them.

A collection of jars

With the best intentions of re-using and re-cycling at heart, we wash out our old jam jars and glass pudding pots, convinced they’ll make great candle holders or useful storage solutions. Instead they also become victim to a drawer, where again we forget about them or what we’d intended to use them for in the first place.

Appliance manuals

Now whilst these do contain lots of useful information, let’s be honest, when something goes wrong with one of our appliances the first thing we do is google it. Even if the information is easy to find and understand in the manuals, with so many appliances it’d take far too long to find where we’d put the one we’d need anyway, so all the manuals we’ve stashed remain unused.

That pair of shoes you just had to have

This potentially applies more to the ladies, but somewhere in the wardrobe there’s that one pair of shoes that was just too beautiful and tempting not to buy! But either you can’t find an occasion to wear them for, or you’ve worn them once and your feet are still only just recovering from the pain, and even though you know you’ll never wear them again, they have to remain in the wardrobe…. just in case.


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