My RagaMuffin story

I first heard about the RagaMuffin breed about 2 years ago when I saw an article in a cat magazine and from the photo alone it was love at first sight. However, I thought I should meet them in the fur just to make sure so my Mum and I headed off to a cat show at Woodgreen Animal Shelter. I was lucky enough to meet Ellen and her lovely boy Chester – I knew right away that this was the breed for me. There was a breeder who lived 40 minutes away from me, Ellen introduced us and the rest as they say is history. 

In March 2015, I got news that Nina had given birth to a litter of five kittens. After several visits, the day finally came to take home my two beautiful kittens, Nutmeg and Sorrell, on 26th June they became part of my family. I took two weeks off work to settle them in and was amazed at how confident they were, already wandering around the house and exploring within a couple of hours. They were soon happily settled in with their new family of two Birmans – Maddison and Kerrigan, Opal the Ragdoll, and Amber my tortie moggy.

They are both characters, Nutmeg is a chilled cuddly cat who loves a good tummy rub and any amount of fuss. She also does like her food quite a lot!!

The RagaMuffin is such a delightful breed that it wasn’t long before I decided I wanted another one and in January 2016, the gorgeous Cinnamon joined us. There was a little bit of spitting and hissing to start with, but this was short-lived and it wasn’t long before she too was well and truly settled – and has taken over the position of ‘top cat’ much to Sorrel’s disgust!

Then along came the cat shows, a whole new world of confusion for me. I wasn’t sure that it was for me initially and the stress levels of our first show at Woodgreen in April were high. But Nutmeg and Sorrel behaved themselves impeccably and I was so proud when they were both awarded their 1st Premier Certificate. I think that it is safe to say that with a lot of help from my friends, I have now officially got the show bug. We are still novices and have lots to learn, but Sorrel and Cinnamon both attained their Premier status during the 2016 show year. I hope that Nutmeg will follow suit when I bring her back out on the show bench soon. At the Supreme Cat Show in October 2016, Cinnamon had a little claim to fame where she was featured on the One Show, appearing twice in Giles Brandreth’s video which was filmed on the day.

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