Making the most of your retirement

If you’ve recently retired or are looking to do so in the next few years, you may want to start thinking about what you are going to do with your free time. We understand that retiring can be slight daunting so, we’ve come up with some ideas that don’t cost the earth to keep you occupied. 

Get fit

There’s nothing better than getting out and exercising. It’s a great way to feel healthy and it’s often a good opportunity to socialise. There are a range of activities available that you might not have considered before. Why not take up walking, tennis, bowls or water aerobics? There’s plenty of facilities up and down the country that provide gyms, swimming pools and class activities, so get down to your local leisure centre and see what they have to offer.

Learn to play an instrument

Have you ever thought about becoming a musician and creating your own music? There’s plenty of instruments out there, so if you’re a big music lover why not use your retirement to learn to play one. There’s plenty of courses online that you could follow or why not try learning from a book? There’s beginners guides to pretty much every instrument out there and this is a great self-learning method which won’t necessary cost too much either! If you’re already confident in playing an instrument, why not join a band? It’s a great way of socialising and who knows you might be the next big thing!


Your working life would have taken up most of your time and obviously travelling can be restricted depending on your career. Now you have more free time why not start exploring and see what’s on your doorstep! Travelling can be a more expensive way of spending your time, but there’s so much out there to do and see, why not take a few months out to explore. You could stay local and visit the UK’s cities and towns or go further afield into Europe. The opportunities are endless!

Get outdoors

Have you always wanted to dedicate more time to your garden? Now we’re fully in the swing of summer why not get out in your garden and soak some vitamin D! You could set yourself a new gardening project, or a DIY project or even make some new furniture! Check out our blog on tips to getting your garden summer ready for some inspiration.

Give back

Why not try volunteering and gain a sense of reward by helping others? There’s plenty of charities and organisations that may need your help! If there’s a cause that you’re passionate about, such as charity shops, food supplies for the homeless or even animal rescue, volunteering could be something you may find enjoyable but rewarding at the same time. A good place to start to find out how you can help is to visit your local church or post office, they will be able to give you some inspiration or point you in the right direction.

Join a club/society

Do you like socialising and meeting new people? If so, why don’t you look at joining an organised group? Could be your local bowls clubs, or even walking or cycling groups. Why not look into joining the local brownies, guides or scouts as groups as they are always looking for people to help out! If you’re not a sporty person then you could look at other options like fishing, ballroom dancing or even chess! The options are endless.


Now you have more free time, why not brush up on your cooking skills! There are plenty of cook books, TV shows, apps and online tutorials to get you started. Whether it’s becoming a legendary baker, roast dinner master or BBQ extraordinaire, it’s satisfying knowing you’ve made something from scratch!

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