How to secure your home whilst on holiday


When you are away on holiday its important you relax! Therefore you need to be able to switch off from your busy everyday life! This includes ensuring your home is as safe as possible there’s nothing worse than worrying about your home while away, so follow these simple steps to reduce the risk of being a victim of theft or damage.

Don’t make it obvious

It’s very easy to tell if someone is home or not and thieves are likely to monitor your home for a few days to assess whether you’re away. Now it’s not just a case of having a neighbour watch over your house while your away, It’s worth ensuring a family member or friend is able to go in every other day to move curtains, remove the post off the doormat and generally make sure the house looks used. Remember to cancel the delivery of any groceries or milk, or ensure someone is home to answer the door and put it away.

Check all windows

It may seem simple but one window left on the latch could cause a problem. Before you set off on your journey, go round the house and ensure all windows are shut and locked, even those small ones at the top of the house, thieves will do anything to get in an empty house so just be wary and don’t take chances. If windows were left unlocked and you went on to claim for theft, the chances are your claim would not be paid, so it’s definitely worth remembering to have a quick check before leaving.

Lock internal doors

Some houses have internal locks on doors and even if you don’t use them while you’re at home, it may be worth just locking them while you’re away. Lock the door between the conservatory and the house, or the utility room and the kitchen. Even lock bedroom doors so if someone does get in, they won’t be able to access every room.

Hide valuables

If you go outside and look in your living room window, what can you see? A smart TV, expensive ornaments or even phone and laptop chargers? Chargers automatically imply you own electronic equipment and thieves are likely to target such items. Hide away your valuables in a room that can be locked and are out of sight.

Turn off electric devices

If you are leaving your tablet, phone or any device at home, it’s worth turning it off to make sure it won’t light up and attract thieves attention! You’ll also be doing your bit for the environment by saving electricity and reducing any fire hazard!

Water, gas and electric

These are the three things that you rely on in your day to day life at home, but just remember they are a hazard! Unplug all devices from the mains and press the off switch. Just remember to keep your fridges/freezers plugged in otherwise you could end up with a leak! If someone is checking your property, ask them to check each room when they go round, especially the bathroom! A slow leaking tap left over a week could be costly. Ask them to double check that the cooker is off just to ensure all dangers have been considered.

Light timers

If you’re guilty of leaving lights on for security purposes, then consider a light timer for your lamp or other devices. You can set these to go on and off at certain times, so it looks like the house is occupied. You can purchase these from most home retailers and is definitely a cost saving from leaving your lights on all day.

Burglar alarm

It may seem obvious or you may already have one installed in your house, but burglar alarms are definitely worth the thought. Nowadays most alarms are designed to send alerts to your phone if the alarm is triggered. You can get these installed professionally or you could look to do it yourself. Speak to a neighbor who already has them installed or look online to see what’s available.

Garages properly secure

Your garage is likely to be one of the easier places for thieves to target, so try to secure it as best you can. Look at replacing doors and windows to ensure they are strong. Old doors and windows can wear away and sometimes it’s not noticeable,  the slightest hole in a door could lead to bigger problems. If you are planning to be away for a while, keep any expensive tools or items in the house rather than the garage, this way if your garage does get damaged or burgled, the chances of losing something valuable are reduced.

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