How to save on your water bill

Now the summer months are here, you’re likely to use more water so we’re here to help with some tips on how to reduce your water bills.

Time to wash

We all love that time of day when we can relax under the warm water of our showers but how much does this really cost us and how long do you actually spend in the shower? Well if you’re reading this post you might consider cutting down the time you spend in the shower. It’s common knowledge that taking a bath uses more water than a shower however, recent studies suggest that some people actually use more water when having a shower! Did you realise the average time in a shower is eight minutes which works out to be the same amount of water and energy used to have a bath?

Top tip- Why not turn the water off whilst you are putting the shampoo on your hair, it may save you time as well as water.

Summer vibes

The sun is here so it’s time to relax in the garden! But before you get your paddling pool out, have a think about ways you can save water. Try to fill your pool once and keep it clean. This way it won’t turn green and you won’t have to refill it! Depending on how big you pool is, you could end up saving gallons and your water bill will look a lot healthier! Leaving the hose pipe or sprinkler on to water your garden potentially uses a lot of water depending on how long you leave it on for, so why not try a water butt? It’s a great alternative to making those summer showers go a bit further.

Top tip- don’t let the paddling pool water go to waste! Grab your watering can and use it to water your plants.

Brushing your teeth

Don’t disappoint the dentist! You should be brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes however, this doesn’t mean that you must leave the tap running. Did you know that leaving the tap running for one brush cycle wastes 22 litres of water? That is over 44 litres a day and over 16,000 litres a year. For a family of four that is 64,000 litres!

Top tap tip- turn the tap off whilst brushing and focus more on making your teeth shine.

If it’s yellow let it mellow

It’s the grand debate. Should you leave urine in the toilet? An average family of four uses 4000 litres of water flushing the toilet per week! So the million dollar question is, can the water consumption be reduced? Well, the answer is yes. Does your urine really need a clean basin to itself? Not really. By following this simple (displeasing) rule you could be saving a lot of water: “if it’s yellow let it mellow if it’s brown flush down”.

Top tip- put down the toilet lid to stop the aroma escaping.

What can you do?

Do you pay for a fixed amount of water or do you have a water meter. By following the steps above you could end up saving a bit of money by transferring to a water meter. If you find that using a water meter has a lower rate than a fixed value then it could be a good investment. Take a look at companies such as Anglian Water for water saving tips, they provide water saving packs and even send experts to your house to give you extra tips and advice.

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