How to make the most of a long car journey

Now the summer holidays are under way, you’re probably about to go on your holidays. If you’re staying in the UK, you are probably going to be spending some time as a passenger in a car (if you’ve not been given the job of driving that is). We know that a long car journey can be extremely boring so we have come up with some ideas on how to make time pass as quickly as possible.

Get those comfy clothes on

Have a think about what you’re wearing, you wouldn’t want to sit in uncomfortable clothes so wear something you can relax in like those old joggers or shorts. Consider taking your pillow if you plan to sleep or if you get cold easily, then take a blanket! If you struggle to sleep in a car, look at getting an eye mask or ear plugs to block out the light and noise. Make yourself as comfortable as possible; especially if you’re going to be sitting around for a few hours.

Plan your journey

Take time before you go to understand your route as the last thing you want is to get lost. Even if you plan to use your Sat Nav, it would be a good idea to memorise key parts of the route, so if your Sat Nav doesn’t work or you come across diversions, you will have a bit of an understanding of where you need to get to.  Have a think about how often you intend to stop for breaks and find service stations at certain points in your journey.

What entertainment?

Now portable devices are a thing of the norm, take advantage of your phone, tablet or laptop and download some games or puzzles to play to keep you occupied for an hour or so. Just remember if you get travel sickness, it would be best to take regular breaks from looking at your screen. You can buy straps for car seats to hold your devices, this is a great idea if you plan to watch a film but don’t necessary want to hold your tablet for hours on end. You  simply attach the strap to the back of the seat in front of you, allowing you to watch  films hassle free.

Be productive

You may have just finished uni for the summer but does that mean you’ve got coursework to do? We know it’s not the most enjoyable thing to do on your holiday but if you’ve got the time to kill, why not make progress on it. Take your laptop and complete that bit of work that needs doing. Or if you need to be revising, take your coursework book and use the time to learn something new! 

Take it hour by hour

If you’re looking at the long journey ahead of you it can seem quite daunting, so just take it an hour at a time. If you’re likely to be in the car for more than three hours, break your journey into chunks so you don’t find yourself getting agitated. Remember to take regular breaks and top up on your food and drink!


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