How to lessen the Christmas penny pinch

Christmas can be a financially worrying time of year for many UK households with Christmas festivities costing an average of £820 per UK family. We all know what date Christmas falls on, yet every year, it appears to creep up on us, not to mention the financial January hangover that it leaves behind.  If you need to cut the cost of Christmas this year, here’s some tips on how starting early can help lessen the December pinch:

Spread the cost

Why not spread the cost of Christmas by buying small gifts as you go along, putting aside a small amount per month to cover presents or buy your food early and freeze it? You could even grab some bargains throughout the year in the sales.

Make money to spend money

With such services as Ebay, you can now sell your unwanted clothing items, home furnishings and pretty much anything else for that matter, leaving you with spare money to buy Christmas gifts. This is a great way of not only making money, but also clearing your home of the clutter!

Maximise your loyalty points

With most stores now offering loyalty cards, vouchers and points if you’re clever throughout the year these can offer massive benefits to your purse strings when it comes to Christmas. Save up your points to buy gifts, Christmas food or even petrol in some cases. In addition to loyalty cards and vouchers when it comes to online shopping always search the web for voucher codes. A majority of big stores often offer monthly voucher codes ranging from free delivery to 10% off, it’s always worth a go.

Don’t be a food snob

It’s very easy to get carried away at Christmas and have the best that money can buy. But in most cases you may be wasting your money. Most UK supermarkets now offer a budget range, so where is the harm in buying mince pies from a budget line, removing them from the box and putting them in a nice cake tin? You have saved yourself money and no one will ever know where they are from.  Do your research and buy accordingly.

Remember, it’s a gift!

A lot of us get carried away at Christmas, buying desirables as opposed to gifts. Christmas is not a competition and a gift is a gift regardless of the price tag. Be clever this Christmas by upcycling gifts from the previous year, buy gifts that are personal or have need, but most importantly, buy to your budget.

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