How to ensure your Christmas presents are insured

Everyone loves tearing off the wrapping paper on Christmas Day, especially if they have asked for something special but do you know if they are insured under your Home Contents Insurance? Take a look at Budget Insurance’s guide to ensuring your gifts are insured this Christmas.

Getting engaged

Christmas is a special time of the year, so it’s often seen as a good time to ask the all-important question. An engagement ring is only covered under your Home Contents Insurance policy against perils like fire or theft. If you would like to cover your ring against accidental damage or loss outside your home you would need to add Personal Possessions to your policy. Also, depending on the value of the ring you may have to specify it on your Home Insurance policy.

Latest tech

With the ever increasing portfolio of new technology and gadgets available in our high street shops, it’s no wonder technology is often a popular gift at Christmas time. Whether it’s a brand new laptop or even a Segway that’s on your Christmas wish list, make note that your gadgets would be covered under your Home Contents policy but only covered against events such as fire or smoke damage and theft. You could also add accidental damage cover to your Home Contents policy to provide accidental damage cover to the contents including the tech in your home.

I like to ride my bicycle

Thinking back to when you were a child, you may remember receiving your first bike and what an exciting time it was. Well, you’re never too old for a new bike and getting one for Christmas is always thrilling. From road bikes to BMX’s, there’s a wide range of different bikes on the market, although they may be hard to wrap, this choice of gift is always a good one. Your Home Insurance policy will cover your bike at home against standard perils such as fire and theft but the bike must be secured in a locked outbuilding or fixed to a secure point.  However to cover your bike while you are out and about you can add Pedal Cycle cover to your Personal Possessions which will cover your bike at home, in your garden and away from your home.

Latest games console

If you’re a gamer you’ll probably have one of the more recent games consoles, perhaps given to you as a previous Christmas present. As more console versions and games are released each year, it’s no wonder they’re a popular choice for a present. To protect this against accidental damage, you would need to look at adding accidental damage to your policy. This cover will ensure your games consoles could be covered which means you can continue to play your favourite games to your heart’s content.

Most of these gifts are on the expensive side, so if you have either purchased for a family member or been blessed with receiving one of these, you may want to think about Home Insurance to cover them. Have a look at Budget Home and Contents Insurance for a quote. 

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