How to claim abroad

Sometimes unfortunate events happen on holiday such as, losing your bag or phone or even theft of your clothes or electrical devices from your accommodation. Here at Budget Insurance we want you to make the most of your summer holidays and feel relaxed knowing your possessions are covered if these unfortunate events occur. Plan ahead and follow our guide on how to make a claim abroad.

What is covered under your Budget Home and Contents Insurance?

Establishing what’s covered under your insurance is key before you go away. Here’s a list of what you’re covered for…


Your home contents covers items  like furniture and furnishings that stay within your house. These are covered as standard as part of your Budget Home Insurance policy. However, if you’re going away you may want to consider adding personal possessions to your policy to cover items that you want to take on holiday.

Personal Possessions

Personal possessions is an optional part of your contents insurance and needs to be selected when getting a quote with us. Knowing what your personal possession limit is, is important and will give you peace of mind knowing what items are covered. When you take your policy out you will be asked what limit of cover you wish to take out for your personal possessions. For example if your mobile phone is worth £500 and your handbag is worth £1000, and your personal possessions limit is £2000, these would be covered. If any single item is worth more than £1500, it needs to be mentioned separately when you’re getting a quote. When taking out personal possessions your items will automatically be covered away from home and abroad.

Please note that personal possessions does not cover bicycles, so if you wish to cover your bike abroad, then you may need to speak to one our representatives about getting this covered.

How can I claim?

If you’re away and need to make a claim then follow these simple steps:

1. Call our claims helpline on the number displayed in your policy documents and one of our dedicated representatives will be available to help you.

2. Have your policy number ready as this will help the representative locate your details quickly.

3. Go through the details of what happened on your holiday and the representative will be able to assist your further.

We hope that you never need to claim and that you have a stress free holiday, but we are here to help should you ever need to call!

Remember to…

Check your documents prior to your holiday so you know what you’re covered for, you can access these at any time on your My Account

Store any important numbers in your phone such as the claims line so you have the numbers to hand in case of an emergency.

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