Home sweet home, things that make your home cosy

There’s often nothing more comforting than being at home.

Whether you’ve recently moved house and are looking for ways to make it feel more like your home, or you’re just after some inspiration on how to make your place feel cosier. We’ve asked around to find out what others do to make their house feel like home. Check out their great ideas below:

“Having lots of lamps and getting the lighting just right, especially in the living room. This instantly makes its feel more cosy, rather than just a heavy spotlight from the ceiling.”

“Lighting candles in the living room, getting under a blanket on the sofa and binge watching my favourite TV show – this is when I really feel at home”

“Putting rugs down on tiled and wooden flooring, it’s an easy way to add some colour to the room and also keep your feet warm”

“The best feeling after a long day is putting on your PJs after a bath, and getting into fresh bedding”

“I have cushions everywhere, they make the sofa and your bed so much more cosy straight away and you can mix and match the colours and designs to refresh the look of your rooms regularly”

“Reed diffusers and scented sprays are my go-to to make the house smell nice and feel welcoming”

“For me it’s all about the decorations. I love to have photo frames and sentimental ornaments on display so that the rooms feel really personalised. It’s so easy these days to only store photos on your phone or computer, but I love to get the best ones printed and cover the house in our happy memories”

If you have any tips on ways to make your house feel like a home then please feel free to share this with us using the comments section on our Facebook page.

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