Money saving summer holiday hacks!

Summer holidays are notoriously expensive, especially when you have a family. No-body likes to feel like they are counting their pennies, so we’ve compiled some top holiday hacks to help you save money!


First things first, start with a budget….and stick to it! Work out how much you want to spend during your trip, breaking it down to a daily spend. That way you know where you stand and can plan your day accordingly.

Book last minute

It’s not always possible, but if you can, book your holiday as late as possible, it may help you save money. If you’ve not got an exact destination in mind and just fancy some guaranteed sunshine then there are plenty of last minute bargains to be had. Keep an eye on comparison sites that trawl through all of the travel agents to give you the best deals.

Turn on private browsing

Stay one step ahead of the game and make sure travel websites cannot see your browsing history and therefore hike your price up by turning on your private browsing. All you need to do is open your internet explorer and click private, your browser will appear darker in colour when the private setting is working. This simply blocks your cookies so you cannot be offered inflated prices.

Don’t use airport parking

In an ideal world ask a friend or family member to drop you off at the airport, as it can cost up to £30 per day so keep your car at the airport overnight. If you are flying during sociable hours then public transport can be a cost effective option, but if you really do have to drive, why not use the airports park and ride service?

Fly at unsociable hours

If you’re an early bird or a night owl, you may be able to take advantage of cheaper unsociable flight prices. More often than not, flights from mid-morning to early afternoon are more expensive. But think of it like this, whilst you might be tired getting the red eye 06.00 flight, you’ll have a whole extra day in the sun!

Keep it local

Popular tourist restaurants will probably be more expensive than walking five minutes  to a quieter spot, so do your research before go. There are so many websites and search engines available now, you can just ask Google what the best restaurants are in the location you’re visiting. Failing that, once you land ask some local people where they prefer to eat as you can’t go wrong with a local recommendation.

Have you got anymore tips you’d like to share? If so, comment below, we’d love to hear them!

Happy holidays.

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