Five of the best Halloween film classics

As the scare fest season is fast approaching, here at Budget Insurance we want to share some of our favourite Halloween classics. Grab your friends and your popcorn and watch some of the best classic scary films. If you’re a hide a ‘behind the pillow’ type, then make sure to check Budget Insurance’s scare rating first before watching!


If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood… you know the rest. Ghostbusters, the ghost hunting film that was made back in 1984 is still a cult classic. The film tells the story of three university scientists whose experiment goes wrong and instead of continuing with their experiments, they decide to start a business as the ‘Ghostbusters, a service to remove ghosts. Do you believe in the theory of ghosts and spirits? You may need your own ghost removal service especially if you experience unexplainable happenings in your home!

We think that this is a good family option as it shouldn’t give anyone nightmares! So were suggesting a scare rating of 1/5 – Not so scary

Chuckie (Child’s Play)

The thought of a living evil doll brings shivers down everyone’s spine, and this classic has been scaring people since 1988.  Essentially the film stars an evil doll which inherited its owner’s evil murder obsession. This occurred when a detective shoots the evil owner but in the process the doll was given a curse. The doll fell into a young boy’s possession as a birthday gift and this proved to be a big mistake. The film builds an intense atmosphere especially when an attack is about to happen. If you think you can handle the surprises that await, watch the film, but maybe not alone though!

This film is definitely not for the faint hearted with a scare rating 5/5 – Hide behind the pillow scary


If you like thrillers then Scream could be one for you. From one serial killer to another a masked murderer leaves their mark on a local school by killing two teenagers. You will defiantly recognise the iconic scream mask in the film that has since become a firm favourite for Halloween costumes all around the world.

This film gave us nightmares so we’ve given it a scare rating of 4/5 – definitely not for children

The Addams Family

If weird and wonderful is your kind of thing then the Addams family may be something you’d enjoy. Charles Addams created the Addams family cartoon which was then turned into a film by Paramount. It features an extraordinary family with a lot of money. Fester, an uncle to the family was missing for 25 years, and when the evil doctor finds out about the families absent member, he introduces a fake Fester in hope of getting his hands on the family’s wealth. Did this prove to be a good idea? Watch the film to find out what happened.

Whilst the costumes are a little scary, we really enjoyed this film and gave it a scare rating 2/5 – A family film for all to enjoy

The Nightmare on Elm Street

If that little lot hasn’t given you any film inspiration, our last pick is a gritty classic created by the legend of horror films Wes Craven. To add a really spooky twist to this cult classic, it was based on true events! Craven took inspiration from the film after three Southeast Asian refugees all had terrifying nightmares, each man woke up screaming and died! In all three cases there was no medical evidence to explain why this happened. Brrrr that sends shivers down our spines!

Possibly not one of Craven’s scariest films, so we’ve given this a scare rating of 3/5 – don’t worry! You shouldn’t need your pillow.

We love Halloween here at Budget Insurance! For more Halloween fun, watch Budget’s video on how to carve a pumpkin. Share your pumpkins, costumes and anything else you’re up to this Halloween on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

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