Annoying things that happen in car parks

Car Park

Car parks in shopping centres, supermarkets or train stations are often a hubbub of activity, people rushing here and there, getting on with their lives at super speed. I don’t know about you, but car parks frustrate me! People seem to lose all sense of manners and its dog eat dog in order to get a space. Below are a list of some of the things that really get my goat!

Two spaces, one car

Yes Mr/Mrs Porsche, your car is lovely but do you really need to take up two spaces? No!!! More often than not, the people with fancy cars tend to take up two spaces, just in case someone opens their door and dents their car. I can totally understand this mentality, but in rush hour at the train station when finding a space is hard enough, this really is annoying!

Forgotten something?

Shopping can be stressful enough at times, let alone when you have children to contend with also! That’s why shopping centres always have parent and child car parking spaces, oh what’s that a supped up Vauxhall Corsa with four lads driving out of the space? More often than not these spaces are taken up by people that do not have children, but don’t fancy the walk from the back of the car park.

Scratch and run

Just got your new car, nip down to the supermarket, come and back and WOW! Someone has clearly not seen your car as they opened their door, cheers! I’d say that most of us have left our cars in carparks, come back and they have been damaged, so we can all sympathise with how annoying it is.

Blocking other cars

Are you that person that thinks, ‘I’m only going in for a pint of milk, I’ll just stick my car here.’ Totally ignoring and oblivious to the fact that you have blocked someone else in? If so, please stop! I see this happening quite regularly in smaller supermarket car parks. Whilst you might have intended to only buy milk, 9 times out of 10 you end up with a basket full and someone has been waiting for you to get back so they can go home! Be more considerate people!

What sort of angle is that?

You see that space, you’re sure you can fit in it, you’re in! Wait, I can’t open the door! I’ve been caught out like this a few times and it really is frustrating. Parking like this results in you either having to climb out of the passenger’s side, squeezing out looking like a total fool, desperately trying not to hit the car next to you, or a lot of BEEEEP! Giving up and finding a new space. 

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